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  1. 4. Does it have absolutely nothing to do with the team's current identity 5.
  2. As it pertains to relaxing one-helmet rule For each one of these we're gonna get a dozen of these
  3. The Joe Maddon effect.
  4. Guaranteed the Cubs city jersey will look something like this -- just add sleeves.
  5. The Zags are who we thought they were
  6. I'd rather see CBs wearing #99 than have that rule in the pros
  7. They also want PI after every play -- so let's just make that happen too
  8. What's wrong with the NFL's current numbering system?
  9. Can't say I've ever seen them. I'll show myself out.
  10. Veryyy shocking Maddon let Ohtani throw in that situation. He's usually quick to hook a pitcher when he's cruising like that.
  11. If ThE pLaYoFfS sTaRtEd ToDaY... Jk guys
  12. At least the Packers rip off the decals and mix in a different jersey
  13. Forum members would still geek tf out because grey facemasks
  14. It's really not that hard, KC: - Grey facemask - Move the tv numbers down - Remove the AFL patch
  15. Laziest. Throwback. Ever.
  16. When was the last time the Chiefs even broke out their throwback uniform facemask?
  17. Not only is the purple facemask far superior to their current black, yellow would even be a more suitable look
  18. Also, the concept you're begging for was created by @colinturner95
  19. A true silver facemask would be proper for those teams.
  20. Scrolled across this concept.. Doesn't HAVE To utilize the Arizona state flag on sleeves, but 10000000x better than the present-day Red Birds. Would even be OK if they replaced all black with navy. Yellow facemask even looks solid.