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  1. The facemask doesn't even work the the helmet. It's "matched" with a sleek logo created in 2005. If the Cardinals went back to the St. Louis era bird and uniforms, then FINE, grey facemask. But that's not happening. Never happening (outside of throwback alternate purposes).
  2. For those who wanna get into the Atlanta ASG debate:
  3. Just here for the upcoming suspensions. #IBTL
  4. Negative. Grey facemasks work if it's part of a throwback uniform (ala Indy, SF, NYG), which the Cardinals definitely don't wear. With their current piped out, Reebok era, 00s set they have, the grey facemask is a no-go. It honestly comes off as if the Cards forgot to update it with the rest of the uniform. Black, red, white, yellow, aquamarine, eggplant -- just about any color would be better than grey.
  5. Need somebody to explain to me how a grey facemask works with this helmet
  6. Need somebody to explain to me how a grey facemask works with this uniform
  7. List of NFL teams that look good with grey facemasks: - Colts - 49ers That's the list.
  8. 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000x better
  9. UNC's Roy Williams retired from head coaching today. Thought it was notable, thus the post.
  10. Drink each time someone asks this. Two drinks each time it's asked in the Bengals thread.
  11. Gimme all the Cinderellas! #8 Loyola-Chicago #11 Syracuse #12 Oregon State #15 Oral Roberts
  12. Oral Roberts did it again! Second EVER #15 to get to the sweet sixteen.
  13. Coach Hug out there lookin' like
  14. You knew the bracket seedings would be a little off with some incomplete seasons, all the covid breaks, etc -- but still, gimme all the upsets!