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  1. Nobody got to. They were merely a concept..
  2. The banana on the Rams helmet really adds to the shirt's island theme!
  3. I'm sorry, but who won that day? The better team did.
  4. also: I counted and the better team is 55-0 in SB history
  5. Well-known fact but ima bring it up anyways: The designated home Patriots opted to wear their LuCkY wHiTeS in that game
  6. Keep waiting. It ain't happening.
  7. Nor did it vs Dallas. Nor vs Washington. Seattle could've been a different story, but then the opening snap happened.
  8. No. The Broncos would've won that game in a freaking rout. That all-time 49ers team, loaded with a dozen or so hall of famers, would've had no chance vs Elway and his innovative shovel pass that day HAD THEY ONLY CHOSEN TO WEAR WHITE!
  9. That's exactly it! So to clarify, had Denver simply elected to wear white vs that Montana/Rice motherfxcking juggernaut squad, the Broncos would've been the ones winning 55-10. Gotcha.
  10. It 100% had to do with the talent on the field. Denver lost 'wearing orange' to some all-time teams: - Lost XII to Tom Landry's Dallas near-dynasty - Lost XXII to Joe Gibbs's Washington dynasty - Lost XXIV to Joe Montana's San Francisco dynasty - Lost XLVIII to Seattle, should have won back-to-back SBs
  11. So those games had NOTHING do to with the talent on the field...
  12. I second this, also keeping the cyberhorse, if Denver were to ever attempt a more traditional look s/o to @colinturner95
  13. Wish I could say ima miss Brees, but no. Tarnished his rep last offseason. Good luck to him at NBC, assuming they're keeping their word.
  14. Still waiting for the Broncos to develop some alternate britches..
  15. Marino never slept with Einhorn -- they only kissed -- for five long seconds.