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  1. At this point, I think they (ownership) is simply keeping "Indians" to soften the blow for select Cleveland diehards. There is no other reason to continue on with it. Players avoid the name. It's not on any gear that touches the field. Just go "WFT" for the year and start anew in 2022.
  2. You'd think these schools were paying players with all these incredible sponsorship deals
  3. Simple. Same reason the Steelers and Cowboys look like absolute garbage.
  4. 2nd most accomplished CCLSC vet? @NJTank
  5. Ya. Pretty sure they were called the Baltimore Rough Riders
  6. Confirmed: The music is back
  7. The future commissioner of the CFL
  8. National Hockey Night coming soon to ESPN8 the Ocho!
  9. Please no monochrome. Please no monochrome. Please no monochrome.
  10. I happen to like this style of "1" much better than the version that was leaked
  11. Was unaware tv numbers are a safety concern like the one helmet rule..
  12. Should be: Black/white Orange/black White/black Will be: Black/black Orange/orange White/white
  13. The one-helmet rule is done based solely on this lousy Browns throwback? Nahh. Give us Buccaneers and/or Patriots throwbacks, then I'll buy into it
  14. Good news. No sign of this on the jersey. I still hope Bincy EERR Cincy leaves this logo in the dust
  15. Someone drew up a white uni with outlined stripes. I could see it
  16. When it happens, these will be first
  17. You think they're just sticking with the Bears-y numbers from here on out to further differentiate themselves from the Browns?
  18. So a lot of those listed were pre-2020/pre-no tv number trend. The Seahawks and Dolphins redesigns were like 2012, c'mon now
  19. Rams, Patriots last year. Bengals, Browns this year. It's a definite trend which i expect to continue with most new jerseys from here on out
  20. After seeing both black and orange -- I hope the Bengals choose the black unis are their primary
  21. These leaks, along with the Bengals -- tv numbers on all NFL unis are now officially RIP