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  1. Niners breaking out red '94 throwbacks doesn't come as a surprise at all. Throwing back to the old "B" logo as the 1946 patch is an interesting choice. Not a fan of the drop shadow. But the with the Browns bland identity, they really don't have much to work with.
  2. Also, if you zoom the collar, you see the Paul Brown tribute.. Could be the real deal
  3. Skeptical about the validity of those leaks, but I will note it's interesting they've got identical orange and black jerseys posted on eBay. Have we ever had an eBay leak before? Ever?
  4. That was really an official Seahacks logo? Really?
  5. How it started How it's going
  6. Feels like YES has been using this since Jeter's rookie year
  7. Kinda-sorta-really-unrelated... Watching SB23 highlights and Cincy players are wearing a mix Champion and standard block numbers. Would love to see a team bring those digits back. (🗣 Buffalo!)
  8. "Mark of Excellence" ... 🗣🗣 IT'S A FXCKING BOX. WITH 2 LETTERS IN IT.
  9. Since we're on topic -- Remind me, doesn't the Green Bay Packers "G" legit stand for Greatness and not Green Bay?
  10. Without coming off as an a$$, and with all due respect to those who play, golfers aren't exactly running the bases or hurdling defenders. Of course, lower legs (the entire body for that matter) are important to any sport, but clearly to a lesser extent in golf. Based on reports I've seen, Tiger will certainly need rehab, but will definitely NOT be wheelchair bound and should recover go back to everyday activates again. This, assuming he wants to go thru the rehab, train, etc to get back to physical condition. If he does opt to play down the road, the challenging part for him could be the pain he will endure on his feet for hours and having to walk all 18 holes. Forgive me for not knowing if golf carts are allowed on the PGA, but would hope Tiger has that luxury WHEN he does return. Again, let me remind you, this man is one of the greatest competitors ever. TIGER WILL BE BACK.
  11. Is it safe to say the Cardinals are going into the 2021 season with this ?
  12. Gonna look sicccc alongside their *new* Tiger's blood tangerine and Jumanji jungle black!
  13. Yea. This isn't Paul Lukas' OnlyFans
  15. He's definitely gonna need rods, hardware, etc to surgically implanted to repair his sticks -- But from the all reports, sounds like he got lucky, very lucky it wasn't worse. Tiger will be back. Bet on it.
  16. Yes. Because one nickname isn't enough for some people I guess. Eldrick "Big "Tiger" Cat" Woods
  17. Ummm, so the Cubs call the city of Chicago home? Also, clean/traditional logos are usually undefeated when up against anything created in the mid-2000s.
  18. It's not a "C", does not represent the city. Oh and it's boring af.
  19. Confirmed? That's a shame. Couldn't they at least do that stripey-letter in a "C" instead?
  20. All i ask is that THIS never sees the light of day again
  21. The Dallas Cowboys. The Dallas Cowboys. The Dallas Cowboys. The Dallas Cowboys. The Dallas Cowboys.