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  1. Except the Nats don’t have a home wordmark or script.
  2. The dual piping is what makes it so beautiful.
  3. Except not everyone wants to wear fashion gear. I would bet that had the Marlins gone exclusively with an orange hat, a lot of people would have gone with the black throwback because it was authentic and a color that goes with everything.
  4. What fans wear to the stadium and what they wear out on the street are not necessarily the same thing.
  5. Maybe even the blue one, considering that they won the World Series in it.
  6. Actually, having said this, it's then interesting that MLB keeps sending the Padres to Mexico. Goes to show which market they care more about.
  7. If you're trying to break into a new market, you should bring your best. Are Brits really going to come out to see the Royals and Twins?
  8. It clearly says "explorations based on descriptions."
  9. My first thought after looking at those Kamala Harris ads: Kamala 2020: Females are strong as hell!
  10. I don't mind the new looser rules but I do wish they'd make it so the road team couldn't wear white. That does throw me off.