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  1. Just because something happened doesn't mean it has to be remembered, particularly when it's a reminder of how some people in our society are treated like second class citizens. Nobody would be calling for something more overtly racist to be put in a video game just because it had happened.
  2. The History of Baseball loses nothing by forgetting Wahoo.
  3. It's no less offensive in historic context.
  4. They couldn't have just used a picture of Murray as an Oriole? (Or a Dodger or a Met or an Angel?)
  5. It'd make for an awesome Chargers jersey though.
  6. Playing loose with the definition of "major overhaul" there.
  7. They've said they want to keep the look as simple as they can at first so they'll probably just wear white at home (besides the camo).
  8. The Padres have the same shirt in brown so I'm guessing it's just a fashion thing.
  9. ST/BP is a great place for them to wild out but instead they go with sub-fashion cap looks all the time.
  10. So the concept this year is logos inside of logos?
  11. You've got to be patient:
  12. I generally hate all the new powder blue jerseys but this entire powder blue set is amazing. Do they play the Padres this year? The idea of Texas in all powder blue against the Padres in sand pinstripes sounds amazing.
  13. The big argument for the Padres bringing back the brown was that everyone wears blue.
  14. The Twins have become embarrassing. What are they doing? Can a team have a midlife crisis?