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  1. Blue’s synonymous with the Dodgers so the Cubs are doubly pathetic.
  2. A hot dog is a sandwich.Maybe it wasn't at one point but it has been for a long long time.It's its thing.
  3. It's clean now but it's also kinda boring. They need to make the teal whites the primary jersey.
  4. Cream would not go over well with the fanbase since the Giants already wear it.
  5. There are also pictures of it around Petco (but with a bigger P and S) so if it's not the real wordmark, that means the Padres have essentially come up with two. Plus, this version works with the rumors from the focus groups that the Padres weren't going to change the font. Having said that, they did change the font and for the better. Just making everything proportional (look at the old S and notice the thickness of the horizontal lines versus the vertical lines) makes this a substantial upgrade.
  6. Seems like that's making the Nike logo look worse than it presumably will on other jerseys. It's too close to the R.
  7. Just throwing in another vote for the 2016 cap logo, and disappointment that they didn't bring it back for 2020.
  8. The Padres have already started decorating in brown:
  9. “Baseball and basic brown just don’t work.” Welp.
  10. I wouldn’t be surprised if the league pushed them to add a name wordmark for branding purposes. They had been using the 80s SOX one on the MLB Network.
  11. Even then, the cream alt has no tomahawk.
  12. Until the Padres suck again and drive Gen Zers into nostalgia.
  13. It's got a very microbrew kind of vibe, which seems like a nautral direction to head if they go with a rebrand.
  14. I doubt the Clippers are trying to associate themselves with the Chargers.
  15. Speaking as a born and bred Californian, I have no problem abandoning names that glorify the violent and brutal history of this state.
  16. Whole tribes were wiped out and other Native Americans were taken as slaves during the gold rush.
  17. Except the Nats don’t have a home wordmark or script.
  18. The dual piping is what makes it so beautiful.
  19. Except not everyone wants to wear fashion gear. I would bet that had the Marlins gone exclusively with an orange hat, a lot of people would have gone with the black throwback because it was authentic and a color that goes with everything.
  20. What fans wear to the stadium and what they wear out on the street are not necessarily the same thing.
  21. Maybe even the blue one, considering that they won the World Series in it.
  22. Actually, having said this, it's then interesting that MLB keeps sending the Padres to Mexico. Goes to show which market they care more about.
  23. If you're trying to break into a new market, you should bring your best. Are Brits really going to come out to see the Royals and Twins?