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  1. Is this the first time the Red Sox have worn an alt in the World Series?
  2. The entire back is black, the front number is black, the hat is black and the undershirts and socks are black. At best it's 75/25 black and teal. If anything, the secret to its success is the limited use of teal.
  3. When did teal make such a big comeback? I remember when it used to be dismissed as dated 90s "coolness."
  4. Make that "a Spanish word" then. And I don't think loanwords count.
  5. I may be overlooking someone but I believe that the Padres are the only active team in the big four with a name that's not an English word.
  6. The black Marlin works really well on the hat. It mostly just looks like part of the M.
  7. There's a ball and there's a glove but it doesn't seem like they're interacting, probably because of the outline. In yellow, it looks like a catch.
  8. To be honest, it never really clicked with me that the ball is in the glove like a catch till I saw this yellow version (since it actually looks like a glove).
  9. Is there a Spring Training ticket design thing for any other team? Seems like that'd help confirm this.
  10. There's no silver on there? And there is pink.
  11. Is it really better to name it after a billionaire than a corporation? Both seem equally less than ideal. I think everyone would prefer Geico (or whatever) Park to Loria Park.
  12. Isn’t that the point of advertising? To get people to know about your brand?
  13. I thought there was supposed to be more blue. That's somehow more black.
  14. I dunno, I think it looks fine: But if they're going to keep the blue on yellow on blue look, they need to do the same on the jersey. Commit to one or the other.
  15. That fish looks terrified. At the very least, they’d have to throw angry eyebrows on it.
  16. Would it be blasphemous to question why the BiG hat logo is blue on yellow on blue? Why not make the glove yellow?
  17. The Marlins have a great look that's undercut by being another black and orange team.Simply emphasizing the shade of blue they already have over black would go a long way.
  18. Except this isn't really true. People didn't really start talking about brown until 2009 or so, when they stripped the team down to be sold. And even then, yellow didn't really reach a consensus till they introduced the fauxbacks. The most popular secondary color has always come from the throwback they wore most recently.
  19. The Cardinals don't have red jerseys.
  20. But what about the red socks? At least back in the 2000s, that the Red Sox weren't so strict about their "classic" look was something that set them apart from the Yankees. The New York team is stuffy, with their facial hair rules and lack of alternate jerseys, while Boston was more freewheeling. And even then, their alts are pretty mild. And if nothing else, if the Red Sox were still a navy base team, the most famous rivalry in baseball would look a lot more monochromatic.