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  1. You own this hat? I'd commit heinous crimes for it.
  2. I'm betting on a cream fauxback.
  3. That seems like a fair argument, and at $24, I feel like I'm buying a new era cap back in 1997! EDIT: Just called the Aquasox front office and they said they are of the new poly stlye. With shipping $31 for those interested. not a bad deal, now the million dollar question as to how the hell a 7 1/2 fits.... I normally wear a 7 5/8 59/50 and had to go to 7 3/4 with these. It seems that these have the lower profile crown too......
  4. M's Alt.... The font for the Player Numbers is INCREDIBLE.... I'm also very partial to the new DBacks gear and the 'Stros stuff..... Oh, and don't forget my gulity pleasure:
  5. I don't believe these are actually slated for on-field use (with the probable exception of Milwaukee) just a fashion deal, you know, to sell more
  6. Wow, I wonder what the Yankees are going to do for their throwback fleeces.
  7. Majestic has a number of "Throwback" Fleeces this season;sku=65655061 Plus a few more.
  8. This is the most ridiculous thing I've EVER seen. On top of being stupid to have 2 different spellings, neither one is worth a
  9. I'd like to see it. Got a pic?
  10. Everett Aquasox Tie Dye Aquasox Camo
  11. Orlando Thunder Lime Seahawks 'Frisco Demons
  12. Mariners "Teal" Jersey 70's Solids
  13. The Dodgers helmets this year are 2 tone likethe mets ass lokking ones. Met blue in the front and flat royal in the back. It was in the Spring Training Uni Watch
  14. has several of these Nike Cooperstown Collection items available in the shop section. also has some. Generally Nike will have a specifc product done for EVERY team. there is a version on the shirt(s) above in royal with the trident logo for the M's