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  1. Baltimore Orioles - I grew up in Maryland, dad was a fan since their beginning in '54, passed it on to me. Arizona Diamondbacks - Moved to AZ in 2001, very easy to become a fan with them beating the Yanks in that awesome series that year. I enjoy having both an American and National League team to root for. Baltimore Ravens - Grew up a Redskins fan, but younger brother back home is seriously into the Ravens, so that kinda got me more into them. Secondary Teams: Washington Redskins - A little too young for the Baltimore Colts, plus I had family in D.C., so the Redskins were my go-to football team as a kid. Still root for the Skins to win, but don't pay as much attention. Arizona Cardinals - Living in AZ, this is the easiest NFL team for me to follow, so that's who I'll watch if I can't get the Ravens game on TV.
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