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  1. Back to Serie A soccer... Chievo Verona, please? "I Mussi Volanti" (which means "The Flying Donkeys" in Venetian). Thanks!
  2. New shirts from Serie A's AC ChievoVerona Away (black) and Home (yellow) Third (white) and Away again The yellow's have a much smaller "Cangrande" on them than before (compare to last year): I assume the black shirts will be paired with black shorts like last year. Don't know what kind of shorts are going to be paired with the whites. In past years Chievo's white shirts (usually quartered blue/white) were paired with blue shorts, but with it all white, who knows... could be white, could even end up being maroon like the alternate "Scala" badge.
  3. Studied abroad in Verona, but I still can't force myself to like these. Yeah, they're my team, and they aren't thrilling me this year... I like the light blue road strip, which are identical to last year's third kit (incidentally, it looks significantly better with long sleeves), and I'm glad to see more blue in the home strip than last year. The black-and-white third, however, replaces a classic design... they've used a blue-white quarters shirt w/ blue shorts on the road up until this year, which you can see here: Of course, in recent years, they've insisted on doing weird stuff to an otherwise great design... i.e.: So, I guess it's a marginal improvement over last year... still could be better.
  4. Newly-promoted Italian side Chievo Verona
  5. jphick77

    NY Giants

    I'm getting a bit too much of a Houston Texans vibe off this...
  6. Awesome work here... minor tweak. Traditionally, the badge ought to be where you have the adidas logo, and put the adidas logo wherever you like. Otherwise, fantastic identity, and thank heavens someone's rockin' the soccer scarves! Peace, JP
  7. I'd like to throw out a slightly obscure Italian request and a less obscure German one... AC ChievoVerona (Lotto and either Ferroli or Paluani) and VfB Stuttgart (Puma and EnBW). Great work, man! -Joe
  8. Has anyone else noticed that pretty much every baseball video game made since designers began incorporating stylized numerals (a la Red Sox, D-Backs, Angels, etc) uses block numerals for the Chicago Cubs? Anybody know if there's a reason the most distinctive font in baseball (save for Dodger Script) continues to be neglected?
  9. Bird's the word...
  10. Thanks a lot!! I live in Berkeley, CA now, so I don't see the Sun much anymore; thanks for keeping me in the loop.
  11. He was, but he switched to #19 to accomodate him last year. I think that Mazzilli was partial to 13 during his playing days, though I don't know what he wore as a Yankees coach.
  12. What that one (and most of the Cardinals design, anyway) strongly resembles...
  13. We've heard a lot recently about players buying their favorite numbers off other players (see Washington's Clinton Portis, Atlanta's Brian Jordan), and I was wondering if anyone knows if there was a price exacted for Rodrigo Lopez to get back his "13" from O's skipper Lee Mazzilli?