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  1. It never ceases to bother me how the Syracuse Orange keep adding more and more navy to their football uniforms. How hard is it to just make a football version of their basketball uniforms? Hopefully the use of more blue will carry over to the basketball team and they will get rid of the ducktape numbers in favor of more blue.
  2. New Syracuse helmet finished with Decal
  3. The rest of the Seahawks rookies per fieldgulls.com Picks: #33 - RB Christine Michael, Texas A&M - 5'10, 220
 #97 - DT Jordan Hill, Penn State - 6'1, 303
 #17- WR Chris Harper, WR - 6'1, 232
 #90 - DT Jesse Williams, DT - 6'3, 323
 #34 - CB Tharold Simon, CB - 6'2, 202
 #82 - TE Luke Willson 6'5, 251 #44 - 
FB Spencer Ware- 5'10, 229
 #62 - OL Ryan Seymour- 6'5, 300 #58 - DE Ty Powell - 6'2, 249 #66 - 
OG Jared Smith, G - 6'3, 302 #73 - 
OT Michael Bowie, NE Oklahoma State - 6'5, 330 UDFAs: #2 - WR Matt Austin, Utah State - 6'2, 202 #65 - 
OL Jordan Roussos, Bowling Green - 6'4, 307 #45 - LB Craig Wilkins, Old Dominion - 6'1, 238 #47 - 
LB Ramon Buchanan, Miami - 6'2, 215 #93 - 
DE Kenneth Boatright, Southern Illinois 6'3, 235 #78 - OG Alvin Bailey, Arkansas - 6'3, 312 #7 - 
SS Ray Polk, Colorado - 6'1, 219 #38 - 
RB Dominique Whaley, Oklahoma - 5'11, 205 #46 - LB John Lotulelei, UNLV - 5'11, 233
  4. Looks like navy blue for Syracuse. Courtesy of DT Andrew Lewis
  5. Two of the influential members of Final Four teams have worn it Derrick Coleman '87 and John Wallace '96. So it does have some significance in the basketball world, albeit not as much as the football side. Edit: I also agree that the duck tape numbers should've been replaced. I've done a quick and dirt PS job on what they could/should have done. Then use orange with navy trim on the home whites.
  6. Beat me to it, was just coming from TNIAAM to post this. I am ok with everything but the duck tape numbers.
  7. I got to bow out, Was trying to get this done before leaving for Florida tomorrow for two weeks, but was unsuccessful. Good luck everyone
  8. I'm gonna reserve Syracuse. I may or may not have time, but I'm gonna give it a try
  9. The Saltine warrior was just a mascot. They have pretty much been the Orangemen all along. From SUAthletics.com The Syracuse Orange In June 1872, Syracuse adopted rose pink and pea green as the official colors of the University and its athletic teams. The colors were changed the next year to rose tint and azure, later becoming pink and blue. After a football field meet at nearby Hamilton College in 1889 which Syracuse won, derisive comments about the victors’ colors led the SU student body to the conclusion that yet another change should be made. A committee made up of students and faculty members discovered that orange had not been adopted by any college or university as a single color. In 1890 the Alumni Association rendered a unanimous decision and orange has been the sole official color of Syracuse University since that year. Men’s varsity teams soon became known as the Orange or Orangemen. When women began competing in varsity sports in 1971, they selected the nickname Orangewomen. In 2004, the University made the decision to have all teams, men and women, referred to as the Syracuse Orange, to reflect the original nickname of SU's teams.
  10. I thought I heard on the SNY broadcast something about all teams wearing them all weekend
  11. I agree except the logotype and numbers should be orange on the blue uniform. I'd be OK if they kept the black as a drop shadow only.
  12. From SUAthletics.com Its all about color, not the fruit.