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  1. Haven't seen a thread on this, but wondering what viewers think of the new Premier League graphics that appear on television? I love it. It looks modern, sleek, and clean. The font is great, and the animations look really sophisticated.
  2. It's fascinating to me that Manchester United unveiled all it's new signings in Nike gear, as their Nike contract will end at the end of the month. They will be playing games in their preseason USA tour in their Nike kit. There will be some interesting pictures to emerge from that I reckon.
  3. Fantastic! Bravo! I think all of the kits look first rate, and would help increase the level of class in the league's design!
  4. Thought these posters would be of interest to members of this forum! I look forward to these art pieces for the last two World Cups. These ones look particuarly good!
  5. Here you go: Wow, thanks a lot! Much appreciated
  6. Does anybody know which font is used by W hotel in their promotional materials, website and app?
  7. I think they look sharp, and will look even better once the letters/numbers are on, and the Olympic games start. The white one from afar looks like the Canada Cup jerseys, which have now become iconic. I believe context is always important when judging these uniforms. I remember seeing criticism for the USA 2010 jersey in these forums when they were first released, for being too drab and plain, but now, 4 years on, people say it was a great jersey. I will be curious to see whether Hockey Canada will use these jerseys in during the World Juniors and World Championships, and use the Hockey Canada logo instead of the generic maple leaf.
  8. Hockey Canada will release the official jerseys on 8 October.
  10. With the training camps getting underway today, looks like the Russian squad has unveiled their new sweater. Looks sharp!!
  11. I was wondering that myself. It looks like embossing similar to what was done inside the maple leaf for the Olympic team.. I should have taken a closer picture, but yeah, the pattern on the bottom is similar to the iconography of the Olympic logo. This shirt is interesting: Never seen that logo be used before.
  12. I've seen the jerseys now. Here they are
  13. Hockey Canada is going to introduce new jerseys for the World Juniors next week. It looks to be retro inspired, and some of the merchandise has been leaked around it:
  14. The European teams that have been playing the NHL teams on their tours have worn sponsorless jerseys this week. It is refreshing to see, and you can see the history/heritage/culture of those clubs shine out, without being completely cheapened by ads on every shred of space.
  15. Frankie


    Saw this earlier today, and don't like the new logo. It looks very "American" to me, and the little blue/red mark looks like a cropped Buffalo Bills logo. When I heard Sportsnet was planning on launching a magazine, I started thinking that it would fail immediately. Sportsnet does not have the cache of TSN, and its brand is very weak in comparison to TSN. I don't think this new loook changes anything.