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  1. The $120 million Oakland would be responsible for under this deal is what they have left on the Coliseum's renovations. They (reportedly) wouldn't take on any new debt, only have to pay off what they already owe. As these deals go, it wouldn't be bad for the city. Setting aside the problem of the A's. Allegedly, the Athletics have offered to pay that $120 million in exchange for land to build a privately funded park. Source.
  2. Haven't Jamison or the NHL ever heard of Kickstarter? All it takes is $40 and a dream, right?
  3. Lawyer says evidence of Paterno coverup lacking.
  4. As someone who hasn't followed this story that closely, why hasn't Goldwater Institute taken this to court yet? It's been a farce for a long time and illegal things have probably already happened. So what are they waiting for?
  5. What strikes me about this whole thing is how Paterno is the focus in this story. I can understand it because he's the celebrity and the face of Penn State football, but seeing what people are saying/writing about him makes it seem like he was the pedophile. It seems like people like Sandusky or McQueary are getting a relative free pass because they don't have the celebrity despite they being people with more fault than Paterno yet JoePa is the villain in the story. PS- That Posnanski article says virtually everything I want to say (as he usually does).
  6. I guess I don't see that ending all that different from the current system. Let's say that the Big 12 is dissolved and 16-team superconferences form in its wake. I don't see how the BCS becomes more biased against mid-majors like Boise State or TCU than what it is already.
  7. I assume you're being hyperbolic, but how would the collapse of the Big 12 ruin college football? Perhaps I'm not seeing something obvious, but I see the college football landscape essentially the same after this potential massive realignment.
  8. Aside from all the potential domino effect all this conference shuffle may or may not cause, I have a question. Why expand? I can understand getting to 12 teams because that's the minimum the NCAA set for a conference championship game. But beyond that, does expanding to 14 or 16 teams increase the revenue pie to the point where even though the schools are getting a smaller slice proportionally, they still are making more money?
  9. I'm about as casual a college football fan as they come, and I don't find anything really terrible about the alignment. After reading about it and some of the reactions, I don't think splitting Ohio State and Michigan was a great idea. I know it's a protected game, but the continued existence of that game was never really in doubt. Coupled with the fact that they won't move that game from it's traditional spot in the schedule, I think they should've been paired in the same division. The reason is under the current set up if both teams have their respective divisions wrapped up, how does that affect the "rivalry game" when next week's matchup for the conference title is the one that matters? Of course, you can simply say that the rivalry is so strong that both schools will pull out the stops to beat the other anyway, and that's reasonable. But imagine if Ohio State and Michigan were in the same division and now the game potentially decides who goes to the Big Ten championship game? I'd say that's also a very tantalizing subject. I dunno, perhaps the idea of having the conference's two marquee programs potentially meeting in the championship game was enough to showcase the conference. Under the idea that Michigan and Ohio State should be in the same division, I took a crack at a different set up as a mental exercise (yes, reel-line-mint) to see if it could be improved. Using Wikipedia to document all the rivalry games in the conference and attempting to preserve as many of those rivalries as possible (either keeping rivals in division or using the protected game round it off), I came up with pretty much an East/West split with the exception of Illinois and Northwestern going in the East and Indiana and Purdue going in the West. Here's the layout with their protected rivalry across from each other: Ohio State - Wisconsin Michigan - Minnesota Penn State - Nebraska Michigan State - Indiana Northwestern - Iowa Illinois - Purdue I think the only rivalry that is lost is the Governor's Victory Bell between Penn State and Minnesota, but that one is just as lost under the current set up. Of course I didn't take into account "competitive balance". Anyway, this was just a mental exercise that I thought I'd share.
  10. Ask the Twins. I bet it'll turn to somewhat of a homefield advantage for the Rays. They'll need all the help they can get.
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