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  1. Manipulating saturation levels to mimic yellow in the actual element gold is easy to do - and easy to undo. It's a forced distinction especially in sports, because there are plenty of excellent examples of gold vs. yellow, yet with both teams insisting they're wearing "gold." Who's wearing gold here, and who is wearing yellow? Are they both right?
  2. Unlike the differentiation of actual color hues, it's a term used to lessen the association of yellow as the color of cowards/color of pee. Otherwise, why not just call it what it is? So we'll call it "gold," and we'll get frantic if anyone deviates from the prescribed naming convention.
  3. Yep. Yellow is no longer yellow when we want it to not be yellow. It magically changes when applied to a school bus vs., say, a pair of football pants.
  4. If these are faked, they're the greatest hoax of all time regarding sports uni leaks. They're the real deal.
  5. Tried it. The video crew made sure the shadows were washed in pure black. No details to bring out. Besides, I strongly suspect they just dressed someone in the current uniform for the teaser, so as to make sure nothing got out accidentally.
  6. Looks very much to me like they may also be using navy for the helmet in the Rams end zone, along with the royal and yellow.
  7. Ambiguous, but official Broncos spokesman Jim Saccomano seems to be indicating that both the Rams and Broncos will at least be wearing "throwback" helmets this weekend. Not sure if it's mix and match with the new style jerseys (I can't imagine it wouldn't be in the case of the Rams), or if there's some sort of modified Color Rush (maybe with white pants for the Broncos) that will appear. Or maybe Jim is just referring to the normal logos when he makes this tweet:
  8. I, also have been shocked, yes, shocked by this lack of attention paid to oldschoolvikings' preferred terminology regarding jerseys. It is, indeed, shocking and, dost might one say... shocking and embarrassing, this... lack of attention to detail! A fine and hot take, good sir! Tally ho!
  9. When did that happen? Donovan had it at 1655 for a while... At least I <i>thought sure</i> that was it.
  10. I suspect it's just that color rush will no longer be an official mandate from the league. If teams want to forego a color rush uniform (Green Bay), they can. I imagine lots of teams will still opt for it.