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  1. actually, the title was meant to be vague.... I still had a pretty good idea of what the post title referred to before I clicked on it.
  2. The Red Sox wore an Opening Day hat with a World Series Champion logo on it last year, and it was only worn that one day. I'm assuming the White Sox will do the same.
  3. These unis kinda reminded me of the NHL all-star jerseys worn during the N.America vs. World format of a few years ago, only these sucked more.
  4. So would the old Minneapolis Lakers, who had MPLS on their jerseys. Another example could be the Mets wearing the NYPD and FDNY hats after September 11.
  5. Uniwatch mentioned this a couple of months ago. "There's no secret technology involved," says Lauren Antonellis, who works in product development for Reebok, the NFL's uni manufacturer. "The Bears' equipment manger sends out a few of the jerseys for custom alterations. The stripes you're seeing are actually stitch lines -- they're darts that have been sewn in to eliminate any excess 'grab' fabric." Uniwatch
  6. A Clipper is a type of ship, kinda like the Bucs one in your sig. I've never understood why their logos or uniforms don't have anything to do with the team name. I agree that their unis are pretty bad.
  7. I can see that...but being that I live in Phx I have seen every combo this team has worn since its inception, and I can assure you that they never wore anything like this. It's just a bad quality picture It's not a bad quality picture. It's a purple hat with a teal brim. It's from a Topps baseball card. Also, I remember them selling these hats when the DBacks first entered the league.
  8. He might. Remember when he tried on a pair of John Stockton's shorts a few years ago?
  9. University of Massachusetts Lowell Cheifs to River Hawks
  10. I think the Replacements unis were used in a U2 video too. I've also see the West Caanan Coyotes unis from Varsity Blues (which I've always liked) used in some other commercials or movies. I couldn't find a picture of them, but the worst are EASILY the Eagles football unis from Saving Silverman...just awful.
  11. I don't know how accurate this is, but I remember hearing once that players in the NBA can wear any number up to 55. If a player wants a higher number, he needs to get permission from the league to wear it.
  12. Its nice, but the Celtics do, and always will, have the best court.
  13. I really like that pants and the helmet (although I don't think they need a change), but something about the jersey just doesn't seem right. It looks too plain to me. Maybe if you kept the striping around the collar like they have now.