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  1. This is what happens when Flying Elvis has sex with the wicked witch of the west
  2. Sue, they are kind of fat looking like toads. Here is a horned lizard and a horned toad for comparison. Whilst I appreciate people are attached to the current mark, I think the secondary is a far more accuarate representation of the real thing. I kinda like how the new log....ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD!!!!!
  3. Utah(the beehive state)Hornets, New Orleans Jazz, and the Charlotte MJ's
  4. The Broncos still have the old AFC logo with the six stars on their walls.
  5. Have you ever seen Iowa's normal uniforms? Theyre stitch for stitch Steelers with a better number font. plus the color scheme. Exactly how can you do Iowa and maintain the school's current identity without looking like the Steelers. Its kinda their thing.
  6. Youppi!

    Illustrated NFL

    EPIC! these are beautiful
  7. I despise Dallas with every fiber of my soul, but these are, in the words of John Madden: "Boom!". they are near perfect with the exception of the hip logo, but that is a minor trifle compared to the overall product.
  8. Syracuse got an arena team?
  9. Love it. Better than what they wear now. a few thoughts though: what if the home had pinstripes as well? they pulled it off in the 80s. and maybe make the "new york" on the road blue and the number orange. and the orange hat needs a blue bill. that said, it is still a gorgeous concept.
  10. It looks like a bunch of placekickers in the middle of a hissy fit.
  11. And since he isn't wearing the alternate hat, what was the point of the photo other than to bag on someone for something they can't help? Especially with all the actual merit based reasons to bag on Tony.
  12. Youppi!

    Utah Jazz

    Regardless of the format of the images, the concepts themselves are brilliant. Can't say I'm a big fan of the skyline sublimation, but that can be easily overlooked due to the crispness and clean lines. In reference to the Tennessee concept however, GO SPARTANS!
  13. AL east New York Boston Toronto Baltimore north Chicago Detroit Milwaukee(nl) Cleveland midwest Minnesota Kansas City Texas Colorado(nl) west Los Angeles Oakland Seattle Portland(exp) NL east New York Montreal(exp) Washington Philadelphia south Atlanta Miami Tampa Bay(al) Houston north Chicago St. Louis Cincinnati Pittsburgh west Los Angeles San Fransisco San Diego Arizona
  14. when we were in the super bowl against seattle, the website had the two helmets squaring off at the top, they had pittsburgh on the right(showing no logo) for a couple days since they were the "home" team but they eventually switched it around so they could show the logo.
  15. needs some red. it would look good using rubies for the top of the trophies