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  1. White pinstripe in the middle stall with the shoulder and side stripes... this is encouraging. looking forward to seeing more photos of that one.
  2. Will keep an eye on those schools, thanks. If anyone knows of others, drop them in here and i'll try and seek out some photos. As mentioned previously it looks like custom cut & sew style is still available on the US side. Sublimation is getting more and more popular though, *unfortunately*
  3. Seems like less and less each year. Spoke with my local Rawlings rep the other day, USA does still have access to custom cut & sew, so hopefully it doesn't go by the wayside as the finished quality of their uniforms is very nice. Based on what was posted, boring and unimaginative stuff from Adidas IMO.
  4. As someone who's in Baseball uniform sales/design for my 9 to 5, I watch this thread closely every year for new ideas. There's just so much more to work with across NCAA at all levels in terms of ideas, colour schemes, etc. Glad to see it's back for another season. Keeping a close eye on Rawlings schools again this season, as it looks like they've really gone away from custom uniforms, as they lost their factory which was in Costa Rica (for Canadian sales anyways). The CS2 Pullover (V Neck, 2 Inch arm band) needs to come back in the worst way. Examples being Stanford, St Johns, Tulane, among others.
  5. Where have all the Rawlings CS2 (Thick 2 inch Arm Band) Pullovers gone? Anyone know of other Rawlings schools out there? Stanford - Gone to Nike St Johns - Moved to stock Rawlings (yuck) Tulane - Moved to Wilson In Canada Rawlings does not have the option for custom uniforms at the moment, as their factory in Costa Rica was shut down. I'm not sure if this is the case in the US as they operate as completely separate entities.
  6. The boxy, "Days of Thunder" late 80s early 90s cars are definitely my favourite. I grew up collecting 1:64 cars and when new and exciting schemes came out they were a must have. Some that haven't been pictured that are among my favourites.
  7. Using photoshop cs5. Just wondering if their is a way to eliminate the "brown" color and replace it with white. Without using the eraser tool? http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/707/Cincinnati_Reds/1960/Alternate_Logo
  8. had visited the mickeyplace website before, but completely forgot about it until I posted here. check this off the list for me.
  9. Is this what you meant? Thank you!! Much appreciated.
  10. Detroit Tigers late 90s 5950 cap. 7 1/8 Orange bill, "tiger through the D logo" I saw them at the park a few years back, and a few times online. Been looking around now, and have had no luck. Checked Lids, NewEra official site, and ebay. Any other ideas? Also checked at Comerica last week and had no luck.
  11. Got a good example of this seller's "tactics" I emailed them about this jersey: http://www.ebay.com/itm/PATRICK-KANE-LONDON-KNIGHTS-REEBOK-JERSEY-BLACKHAWKS-/270925534739?pt=U_Hockey_Fan_Shop&var=&hash=item3f146b9613 They have some London Knights jerseys available, all of which look a little "off" when it comes to the name/numbers. For starters, Pat Kane never wore that jersey in London, and second of all, the coloring is way off. People do like getting older players on new jerseys, but usually do it through the Knights team shop. Their email response was that they do all lettering in house. So im assuming they cut their own tackle twill numbers and letters to the best of their ability, and sew them on. Here is some others that are a little off http://www.ebay.com/itm/JOHN-TAVARES-LONDON-KNIGHTS-RBK-JERSEY-ISLANDERS-/270925526667?pt=U_Hockey_Fan_Shop&var=&hash=item3f146b768b if you look closely, the 6 just looks like a photoshopped upside down 9. Again, the 9 / 6 is off... the hole in the number is too small. http://www.ebay.com/itm/COREY-PERRY-LONDON-KNIGHTS-RBK-JERSEY-DUCKS-/270925525794?pt=U_Hockey_Fan_Shop&var=&hash=item3f146b7322 Just thought id throw in another example considering its the same seller.
  12. I was at the Steve Yzerman retirement night, unfortunately my camera is pretty crappy.
  13. Ill put this here, as I can not start threads yet. I saw an ad for the new Slap Shot movie, and the team on the cover is called the hounds. the logo is text with a dog above the text. If anyone has any ideas of how to get a better look, let me know! (p.s. imdb has no photos yet)
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