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  1. You do know that the citizens of Arlington voted 65-35 for the new park, right? The City paid of its portion of Cowboys Stadium early and with the vote just shifted the money to help build the new park. I guess the better question is what is your opinion on the logo?
  2. The Ballpark in Arlington was home to the 1995 MLB All-Star Game, the 2010 and 2011 World Series, and was the site of the first regular season MLB Interleague game between the Rangers and the San Francisco Giants. As somebody who has had season tickets for a little over a decade, I've spent a good chunk of my life attending games there. It's a great park, and I think many Rangers fans are sad to see it go. Thus, it gets a farewell patch.
  3. Thanks for the smart reply. Again, it's all about marketing...
  4. I wouldn't expect the Rangers' look to change any time in the future. I'm a season ticket holder and at one of the exclusive events the VP of Ballpark Entertainment was asked about this. His response was (paraphrased) that ownership feels that putting "TEXAS" on all uniforms markets the team to the entire state. Having red and blue as equal colors markets to Texans across the state. Long story short, it's all about marketing. When asked if the team would change moving into the new ballpark in 2020, he said it was unlikely. I can't really disagree with him. On a random day one will see tons of all three home jerseys in the stands. I own all three versions mysself, plus a few throwbacks. From an ownership perspective, it makes little sense to change what sells.
  5. I don't think you can go wrong any way, but the lighter set is the one that I would roll with if I had to choose. These look really good.
  6. That game at Three Rivers was three days before my birthday.
  7. It's so nice coming into these threads and, instead of reading about MLB Changes, I get berated by people with too much time to get riled up about the littlest things. People on both sides of the argument need to grow up and move on.
  8. I'm hearing that the Tigers will eat $30m of his contract. I think both teams made out really well here.
  9. Dallas may be an awful team, but the new colors are really making some of these matchups look good.
  10. I don't think it's unpopular with people that care, but there are people around here that are part of the "Hell Yeah it's TEXAS" crowd. I wish the team would go back to what they were wearing back in the 80's, but there are people who just don't care as long as they wear red white and blue.
  11. I really like the brown and red, although I would ditch the red cap for the homes.
  12. The Voice of the Rangers Eric Nadel is highly perturbed by this (as am I). He jokingly believes that this is retaliation for C.J. Wilson believing that the balls were rubbed off. I can't even watch the game myself.
  13. I love what you've done with the modernization. Really solid update
  14. I know this is off topic, but when I was a kid I always wondered why some lancer was trying to pick that poor horse's nose.
  15. Completely disagree. If the "Anaheim Angels" had been around since 1885 (early MLB) or more realistically 1960 (early West Coast baseball) , you wouldn't think anything of it. But they haven't been that way since 1885 or 1960. They've been that way since Mickey Mouse wanted to make Anaheim more than Disneyland. The name of a large city or the state as a whole has more appeal than a suburb (well, short of Brooklyn in a kinda-sorta way).