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  1. You do know that the citizens of Arlington voted 65-35 for the new park, right? The City paid of its portion of Cowboys Stadium early and with the vote just shifted the money to help build the new park. I guess the better question is what is your opinion on the logo?
  2. The Ballpark in Arlington was home to the 1995 MLB All-Star Game, the 2010 and 2011 World Series, and was the site of the first regular season MLB Interleague game between the Rangers and the San Francisco Giants. As somebody who has had season tickets for a little over a decade, I've spent a good chunk of my life attending games there. It's a great park, and I think many Rangers fans are sad to see it go. Thus, it gets a farewell patch.
  3. Thanks for the smart reply. Again, it's all about marketing...
  4. I wouldn't expect the Rangers' look to change any time in the future. I'm a season ticket holder and at one of the exclusive events the VP of Ballpark Entertainment was asked about this. His response was (paraphrased) that ownership feels that putting "TEXAS" on all uniforms markets the team to the entire state. Having red and blue as equal colors markets to Texans across the state. Long story short, it's all about marketing. When asked if the team would change moving into the new ballpark in 2020, he said it was unlikely. I can't really disagree with him. On a random day one will see tons of all three home jerseys in the stands. I own all three versions mysself, plus a few throwbacks. From an ownership perspective, it makes little sense to change what sells.
  5. Ugh... yes. They put it in the same style as the Division Championships from the 90's too. I think it says "American League Playoffs" though.
  6. I STILL don't understand this game. It was a Thanksgiving game, in snow, played by 2 warm weather teams. I didn't think Cowboy Stadium's roof hole was even that big. It seems that every Thanksgiving around here has some sort of rain associated with it. It just happens that it was really cold that day too. The DFW area isn't warm weather during the winter... That's why the Super Bowl was such a mess when it was here. It doesn't snow, it ices.
  7. What a journey. Every set in here was well thought out and well done. Very good job man!
  8. I love that a) Fort Worth has a team, and I don't dislike a single set in this whole thing. Seriously this has a lot of effort behind it, and I'm glad you've shared this with us.
  9. I've thought about starting something like this; glad to see somebody more talented than I take it up.
  10. From what I've always been told, "Rangers Ballpark in Arlington" was a holder for a company so they could re-sell the naming rights. As soon as they had the ink dry, it would change to "[iNSERT COMPANY NAME HERE] Ballpark in Arlington." The markets didn't work in their favor though, and so it remains.
  11. You can get a jersey with that name, just not with that exact number that the retired player wore.
  12. Lots of things you could say about it, but I'll take the high road and say it looks really good. The rings with color look better than the ones with diamonds all over it.
  13. My point is, that I'd prefer some sort of permanent name, instead of these "placeholder" names. And, a non-corporate sponsorship name would be ideal. Especially since even a sponsored name can become a placeholder in a hurry; just ask the folks in Philadelphia, home of Core States First Union Wachovia Wells Fargo Center, which is less than 15 years old and already on its fourth name due to a series of mergers. It's not just about stamping the name. There are package deals that include using luxury suites for business use, advertising, showing off new products, marketing to season ticket holders, etc. Also, TV/radio announcers are generally expected/instructed to refer to stadiums by their proper names (sponsor-branded or otherwise) during the course of game coverage. They don't say, for example, "And now, back to JerryWorld", they say "And now, back to Cowboys Stadium." I agree with the TV stuff, but the local crowd usually doesn't refer to it as such. Usually, the local crowd becomes resentful of any company that takes over the naming rights of a stadium that had a previous name. When Ameriquest came into the picture at the Ballpark, people would openly boo the "Ameriquest Bell" that rang after a home run. There was no reference to the company in fan postings or everyday talk. Heck, most people didn't say it "wow, the money will help the team;" most said "wow, this will help Hicks line his pockets." Not sure that worked that well for him... Even stadiums that have initial naming rights like the American Airlines Center aren't referred to as such around here. Most people I know either call it the Stars/Mavericks Arena or more commonly the "AAC" (pronounced either A-A-C or "Ack")
  14. I was talking to an Arlington City Council member the other day, and he said that there is a name on hold, but the company doesn't want to fork the money over until their situation is complete. BTW, it isn't Bank of America like a lot of people are saying around here (think of a really old company). In any case, I've never understood naming rights. When the Ballpark in Arlington was built, it was known as "the Ballpark." When Ameriquest bought the naming rights, it was known as "the Ballpark." When it switched to Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, it became known as "the Ballpark." Heck, even Cowboys Stadium is more commonly referred to as "Jerryworld." So how does it even help a company to buy naming rights?
  15. If Nike Pro Combat was to die today, I would do somersaults. White at home for football is okay. White and Grey are the only colors acceptable for baseball uniforms.
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