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  1. I STILL don't understand this game. It was a Thanksgiving game, in snow, played by 2 warm weather teams. I didn't think Cowboy Stadium's roof hole was even that big. It seems that every Thanksgiving around here has some sort of rain associated with it. It just happens that it was really cold that day too. The DFW area isn't warm weather during the winter... That's why the Super Bowl was such a mess when it was here. It doesn't snow, it ices.
  2. Downgrade in my opinion. The one of the left pulsates when you scroll up and down.
  3. The game notes state that they will wear them during the second game.
  4. Yeah, the more I come back to this thread the more I like it. I really wish they would have kept the gold in some form, but I do like the Kelly Green (which has become rare in sport now-a-days) and I think that the logo goes well with many of the other marks in the NHL.
  5. Wow... A spinoff? That's an intriguing proposal. I'll tell you what, let me finalize my template, and it will be free range then. If you need ideas, (which I'm sure you won't by the quality of your work) just shoot me a PM. Yeah, I just wanted to put that out there. I want to see your league before I do anything with your game.
  6. I just read through the whole league. I really like the color combinations that you have going on with the teams and every logo and uniform has been done well. There are some minor things that I don't like (i.e. the numbers for Arizona, the primary and secondary logos for Milwaukee should be switched), but most of it is spot on. I'd like to do a spinoff of this myself...
  7. Somebody pointed this out on one of the Stars' blogs, but the bottom of the D looks like it's cut off and I can't unsee it.
  8. it's European thing. That can't be. European teams have names that are much more exciting than "NYCFC"
  9. Maybe I'm reaching here, but could the reason for the Twins wearing the road version also be because the Saints didn't go along with this? I don't really see any logo other than the StP on the cap.
  10. What a journey. Every set in here was well thought out and well done. Very good job man!
  11. This kit isn't complete without argyle socks.
  12. Never gonna happen. Sadly, I fear you are correct. I believe Amtrak proposed running a line from Boston to DC. The estimated cost was over $150 billion. The regular train service between the two is profitable. I believe a high-speed Acela line between the two would be as well, it's just a hefty introductory price tag to get there. And it's not like some of that isn't coming to bear fruit. The Texas Triangle HSR project seems to be gaining speed if you'll pardon the pun. I do feel that in my lifetime, the United States will have high speed rail to complement the Interstate system.
  13. And to add on to that, Frisco was once one of the fastest growing communities in America. However a lot of that growth has gone down and has moved back into the inner areas (high gas prices and long travel distances to anything in the city will do that). The Hunt's built on the idea that Frisco could boom even further and it just didn't happen. Now the team has to depend on just northern Metroplex fans instead of everybody in the surrounding area. The team would be better off moving back into the Mid-Cities area or even into Dallas or Fort Worth proper.
  14. I love that a) Fort Worth has a team, and I don't dislike a single set in this whole thing. Seriously this has a lot of effort behind it, and I'm glad you've shared this with us.
  15. *sigh* I guess I'm the only one that liked those. Maybe if they had all of the extra outlines eliminated it would have gone over better.
  16. I saw that logo associated with a Tom Thumb branded station in Florida. When we got them here, I thought they changed the stations to Kroger brand because of the Tom Thumb Grocery brand. I'm branded out.
  17. I've thought about starting something like this; glad to see somebody more talented than I take it up.
  18. This should be proof that the white outline around the current New York wordmark should be dropped.
  19. By an extremely thin margin, UNC Greensboro.
  20. SCEA has been holding a number of things back as "Work in Progress." I wouldn't get too worked up over it. As for the proposed new one being a snoozer? I like it, and it's much better than what a certain other league does year after year after year.
  21. I've always been partial to Genoa simply because I was learning soccer through playing Football Manager and they were the first team I had real success with. What a kit; I might have to break down and buy one.