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  1. Michigan Alabama UNC-Greensboro Northern Arizona
  2. Gonzaga Michigan Ohio Central Michigan Wisconsin Boston College Alabama Penn State UNC-Greensboro Louisville Texas Tech Simon Frasier Oregon Townson Northern Arizona USC Wow, some really great stuff here.
  3. Wow, I didn't know those existed. Had they arched the wordmarks entirely, that would have been a solid set.
  4. Wow this whole series is really neat, and there are a number of jerseys (Quebec Home, Saskatchewan Alternate, Toronto Home) that I would go out and buy if they were in stores. Really neat job overall.
  5. I used to love the mid-2000's Washington stuff, but looking back on it it just doesn't fit. The cursive works so much better.
  6. When I was playing baseball, I always had the high socks with black cleats and black batting gloves (and I always put my gloves in the right pocket while in the field). Now that I've moved on to umpiring, my Dad and I usually go to navy polos at night and red during Saturday games.
  7. This is how it's done at the Ballpark. They're really hard to see unless you're looking for them. I really wish they would just redo them.
  8. Greenberg is a great promoter, and it shows with this going as far up the chain as Yahoo news. I hope they keep everything the same; I really like their colors and uniforms.
  9. Probably wont happen unless they choose to break up the AL/NL alternating again. They may have to since most of the parks that have yet to host an ASG (San Diego, Philly, Washington, Miami) are NL cities Nuts to that, it's time for the Rangers to host again
  10. That San Diego jersey is just depressing. I wish they could find a way to stand out without going all mustard and brown again.
  11. I miss the Expos. Part of that has to do with my Coach Pitch team winning the city championship (as the Expos), and the other part was as a kid I thought it was just weird that Montreal was a "French" city.
  12. Compared to their current uniforms, these (Devil) Rays jerseys look... better. IDK, I've never been able to get behind their current identity, and as I look at their old sets compared to the current one, the gradient jerseys just stick out above the rest of the crop. Maybe I need to head over to "Unpopular Opinions."
  13. What a set Jay; you've really outdone yourself and you've added to this site's wonderful template base.
  14. Yep, that's what the Rangers should strive for alright.
  15. If I may ask for one, I'd like a Texas Rangers wallpaper that reads: THAT BALL IS HISTORY!
  16. I miss Arizona in purple and teal. Every once in a while on the show, I throw back to them simply because they were great jerseys.
  17. What a beautiful set. I'm almost tempted to ask what an orange set of pants would look like, but this is a really solid concept.
  18. It's a crying shame that the Blue Jays and the Athletics don't play against each other in those sets. That would be one beautiful game. It's also a shame that we won't put "Rangers" on the home jerseys, but that's for another day. I really like the labels at the bottom now; they make much more sense.
  19. I think I'm one of the few who liked the Angels wearing periwinkle
  20. I agree with making the bottom names match up with the uniforms as well. That is one cool template; I can't wait until you release it.
  21. I'm convinced that States are moving to boring plates just to get the extra money for personalized tags.
  22. I really can't believe that we're going to go down this road again.
  23. To me, the problem with the Braves' cap isn't that the logo features a Native American warrior. The problem is that it's just an awful logo.
  24. The problem is that you've created an identity for nothing. I mean, you have a poorly rendered uniform that has no logos or identifying marks other than the NBA All-Star logo. What is there to talk about when you don't have anything to go on. My personal suggestion is that you go back to the drawing board and take some time with it.