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  1. Wait, I thought the reason David was delaying the release for it was because of Carear Mode.
  2. Hey! That looks like my ten year old brother made that one. Ugh, it looks like a doodle on a piece of paper when you're supposed to be studining.
  3. NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I was about to comit to North Texas, but this is just a HORID change. Gawd almighty, I might have to reconcider about going to UTA. But NNNOOOOOOOO!!! They have no football team. I have nowhere to go...
  4. If y'all all think that Madden, after making very few changes in the past with a shared NFL license, will make changes now that they own the NFL, y'all have really high hopes. I don't see why Madden won't add a feature here and there, take out a few features to put in "Brand New" for the year after next, and jack up the price to around $60. Madden has the same graphics and gameplay from 2002 when the game was on the PS1. It's really sad that the NFL sold out their fans this way. As for uniforms, I would expect less this year from the Uni Editor, simply because the NFL will be looking over EA's back 24/7. They don't want their league to change, so they will make the teams centeralized. The NFL will take out stuff EA want's to keep, and EA can't do anything about it, because they'll loose the contract.
  5. Eh, I don't like it. Then again, ever since that cluck of a mayor approved the cowboys coming to the Great City of Arlington, ruining our town economicly, I don't like the cowboys that much either. The blue is the problem. Maybe if you reversed the blues, it would be ok.
  6. Well than slap your eye doctor, demand a refund, and go somewhere else, because your not getting your money's worth. When Chris Young was pitching against the Yankees Saturday, the first thing I looked for to identify him was the name on the back of his jersey. Names should be required, not just an option. Otherwise, what's to keep me from saying "I don't want Majestic's marking on my jersey" or "I don't want any patches but my team's own"? If you let one do it one way, everybody will do what they want. That leads to chaos.
  7. The reason for me powder blue dosen't work is because the Texans design is based on the colors of the Texas flag. I'm not a fan of too much of it, but a little with the current colors would be acceptable.
  8. While I can't say I love the name, I really like the work and effort you put into it. They look really nice, especialy the uniforms. Good work.
  9. Leave them on, and keep them on. It isn't going to kill you to see them on the back. No exceptions, not even to the Yankees.
  10. I think by what they said was that those "throwbacks" most likely would be used for the Thanksgiving Classic. I don't know for sure, but that's the only logical way they'd come back IMO.
  11. I like them alot. The Lions need a change, and last year was a good step. Now, granted, they don't need to wear this all the time, but it's a nice one or two game thing.
  12. I agree. Looks like a great feature. If there's anything I like about Madden games is they do make attempts to make significant additions to the product each year -- like it or not. And I kinda agree with that, gosioux. I think EA majorly screwed up this year by releasing the NextGen screens two years before we'll see them in action. I would definitely expect a spike in the sales of Madden 06 compared to recent years as a result (also b/c McNabb SHOULD NOT be the coverboy). Ah well, maybe they'll save Brady for '07 and the PS3. *Crosses Fingers* EA pulled a great move. People who hate Madden's gameplay and graphics (like me) could be pursuaded by this and be tricked into buying Madden 2006. I see through EA, and it's really, really sad. EA dosen't have innavative features, they do the bait-and-switch. The greatest example is the Crowd meter in NCAA Football 2005. It was staged to be the biggest new feature in NCAA, but it was there in the first place. They had it all the way up untill 2003, and then put it back in to sell the same product. It's truly sad that EA bought out the true NFL fans, because we deserve better than what we got. Madden's good for the casual player that sets hot dog prices, but not for the ones that love football on a grand level. But enough about the EA ranting, I'm here for the logos.
  13. The Dallas Desperados have a really dark blue jersey that looks realy good in person. I think the Detroit jerseys will look fine once they are on the field.
  14. True. They didn't have the Bengals jersey's 100% right last year and it kinda made the game suck whenever I played against Cincy. Y'all shoulda bought NFL 2k5. They missed only a few details, and put the uniforms on great graphics and modles. Very good game.
  15. I was so pumped about seeing the new uniforms. Instead, after pop-ups from Real Player and a five hour homily, I was treated to uniforms that screem Arena League. The Whites are semi-ok, but it makes me think of the Cardinals as the thrid rate B-League team that they sometimes are. These "Nikified" uniforms are so ugly, and the teams need to stop changing for a while.