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  1. A Rangers blog going by "Lone Star Ball" had a post that detailed the facial hair of former Rangers and one of the pictures that came up was this: It seems like I remember there being some sort of news about them when I first moved to Arlington (which was around '92), but I have no idea why they were wearing them. The only other picture that I have is from a sketch from Heritage Sports Art. My question is did the Rangers actually wear these, and is there some sort of story behind them? Funny I found this on the day the Rays go fauxback.
  2. If you've never been to Astros Park, you really ought to do so in the future. The park itself is really nice. Union Station is a thing of beauty and trying to make it space like is really stupid. The left field boxes and wall are right on the street on the other side and it is a tight squeeze to get toward the restaurant in center field. The seats are right on the action there and it's a quality ballpark. If they are indeed getting rid of Tal's hill, they need to at least keep the dimensions of the area. It is close to the right and left field polls, so keeping center field deep is a good idea.
  3. I am at the Rangers game tonite... Astros appear to be wearing racing stripes on the sleeves instead of rainbow guts.
  4. I don't know how pertinent this is to the conversation, but Tom Grieve was just talking about the old 80's Rangers jerseys (he was the General Manager at the time). He said that the Baseball operations people didn't like the old "RangerS" jerseys when the President of the Club said "if you don't like them, make something better." He said that they wanted to go to a classic jersey; something that you wouldn't want to change in the future, and players and manager Bobby Valentine helped to come up with the new uniform. He also said they referenced the Dodgers on the decision. Now how true that is I don't know; Grieve is getting a bit older in years. Still, I agree that they probably shouldn't have diverted from those jerseys.
  5. Heads up: The Rangers will wear throwbacks tomorrow against the Houston Astros. They are supposed to be throwing back to 1986 as part of their Fortieth Anniversary celebration. Last time they had the Angels dress up too in era specific uniforms, so I'm guessing we'll see this: vs. Although they'll probably wear the racing stripes, I hope they go for rainbow gut jerseys instead. Right now, the Rangers have the 80's logo painted behind home plate... I wouldn't mind seeing it as a permanent logo (fix the outline near Greer County, but otherwise I love it).
  6. Wow, that German kit is something special.
  7. Reminds me of the NYTEX Centre for Texas Brahmas hockey. It's a very small arena, but the team owns it and it gets really loud, really fast in there. It's where I learned to love hockey.
  8. Is that highlighter yellow on the Adidas advert?
  9. Well poop, I only have 4k in my couch cushions. Would have been a bargain too since I'm assuming that it's "like new/never been used."
  10. This. The top picture is called a "Horny Toad" and is what the old logo looked like. The new logo just looks like a random lizard. That's not to say it's a bad logo; it's just that the old logo looked more like the toads you see around here. Did you not read the last few posts? It is supposed to be a horned lizard. And so is the old fat logo. I have read the last few posts. I also live out here. I've seen enough horned toads to know that the old one looks more like a horned toad than the new one.
  11. This looks much better. Perhaps you can expand a bit more and add some home and road jerseys.
  12. This. The top picture is called a "Horny Toad" and is what the old logo looked like. The new logo just looks like a random lizard. That's not to say it's a bad logo; it's just that the old logo looked more like the toads you see around here.
  13. Rumor (or rumour?) has it that Ryan himself wanted the set that's currently on the field. It's why "Texas" is on all of the jerseys. Better yet, we're going all red tomorrow.
  14. Alright! Thanks for your comments and when you say navy type color do you mean the one used in mine or a darker shade? I mean a darker shade.
  15. I don't mind change if it's for the better. The old frog however looks more like a horned toad than the new one. The new one looks like a slimy lizard of some sort.
  16. That is a really classy kit set right there. Their crest makes it easier to use the "v", but that's a really nice design.
  17. If you took the blue jersey, made it white and made the numbers blue (and go with a Navy type color), I think you would have a unique home jersey.
  18. Thanks, that's just what I wanted.
  19. The first kit is really good. The second kit makes me want to punch Macedonia in the face.
  20. France is getting a Grand Prix in the near future that will alternate with the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps (which is stupid since Spa is one of F1's great tracks of the past). I believe it is going to be held at Magny-Cours. Still, the track you created for France is really neat.
  21. These look amazing; I've been looking for something for my new phone for a while. Logo w/ link: Ryan-era Rangers Primary Background type: Fence Background color: Forest Green (sounds weird, but that's what Chuck Morgan does with the scoreboard) iPhone or desktop: iPhone
  22. Yeah, the blue shorts would have looked better. Actually, I think they would have looked better in anything other than a hooped jersey. I like teams that have clash kits that are different style-wise from their primary kit.
  23. Just noticed everyone on your FW Cats sig. That would be sweet.... Heh, I need to update that signature. The Bombers are my Continental League team (3-3 and winning!), but I stole the FTW logo from the Cats
  24. After seeing the shooting star jerseys in action, I've changed my mind on them and I think they should go back to that as much as possible. Perhaps they could add the Texas flag like they had during the Colt .45 days and perhaps have NOBs, but I really liked what I saw.
  25. For your circuit in the Netherlands, I like a lot of it but there are some problems that I see. First of all, turns one and two could produce racing like they have at the Indy Sao Paulo 300. There is a turn almost just like that (abit sharper) and it always seems to cause a bottleneck that causes the yellow to fly. Turn five is probably the signature of the track, but it's probably going to cause the tires to wear thin (not such a bad thing though IMO). Turns 13,14,and 15 are not needed as cars will take it flat. Otherwise that is a neat track; the grandstand near turns 3, 4, and 5 would be great vantage points. The Finnish track looks really fun to, especially with that long backstretch between 16 and 17. Passing zones in 3, 15, 18, and 20 look really good, but this track might need some elevation to make it a bit more exciting. This is a great series that you are starting and I'm looking forward to some of your other tracks.