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  1. Yeah, it reminds me of when people try to take the "T" from the jersey and put it on the caps; it never looks right. Teams with simple logos have the better design on this because they are adding all of those extra outlines. I think I'll pass on this again this year.
  2. Oh how I wish the Cats could have stayed in the American Association...
  3. All you can do is grab the popcorn at this point; both sides look equally stupid in an argument that is so far off topic that it isn't even on the radar. These caps are much better than the all white caps or the trucker caps in the past. Subtle design changes that don't affect the caps too much; I can't wait to see the Rangers.
  4. For the smaller sports, the Olympics are really neat. Fencing is my favorite of the Summer Games, but Netball and the other disciplines are also neat.
  5. That's really cool; it's always fun to look at the imaginations of young 'uns. Your daughter's very talented in her imagination.
  6. I love the late '60s Astros jerseys, but I would get rid of that shooting star entriley. It looks like it doesn't belong at all, especially compared to their road jerseys at the time (which were beautiful with the Texas flag instead of the atom logo). Take the star off, move "Astros" up and in the same font as "Houston" on the roads, and you have a classic look.
  7. Is there any size limit or template that we need to put this on?
  8. I don't understand why people are so annoyed by the patch. They won the whole thing and deserve to celebrate it. Hell, if I owned the Rangers and we won the World Series, that baby would have "World Champions" replacing "Texas" on the home jerseys. Then after our streak is over, it's back to "Rangers"
  9. I think that Fort Wayne is moving to the ECHL soon, so that's where that opening could be filled. I really hope that the Denver team goes through; those games against Arizona are adventures in their own right.
  10. I've been to: The Ballpark in Arlington - I'll be a homer here, but I really feel it is the best stadium in baseball. The new right field video board is miles ahead of the old board that they had, and the new clubs in center field are neat places to visit as well. The food is ok, but the staff let you bring in small coolers with whatever food and drink (no glass bottles or cans) you want. If you want to beat the heat, stay in the upper deck as the wind tends to whip around up there. Arlington Stadium - I only saw two games at Arlington Stadium, and it was so-so. You could tell it was a minor league park when it was built, and it was hotter than the Ballpark, but it was a decent place to watch a game. This is where I've been the closest to the field, on the front row on the Rangers' side. I like how some of Arlington Stadium moved over into the new Ballpark (although they took out the bleachers to make way for the new center field additions...) Old Yankee Stadium - I saw the last Rangers victory there and the history that surrounds the field is amazing. However, the place was a dump during its last years. The concourses were built for 30's crowds, and it showed when we were there. Even in minor league parks around here I've never had to pee in a trough. The history was great, but it was way past time to get rid of Yankee Stadium. Kauffman Stadium - I was pleasantly surprised when I saw a game here a few years ago. They were still working on the outfield additions when I was there, but for a cookie cutter stadium it wasn't half bad. The sightlines were decent and the food was good. The outfield with the fountains were really neat to watch and the amenities were up to par. Once Kansas City starts to reap the benefits from their farm system, this is going to be a wonderful place to catch a game. Minute Maid Park - I've been here a couple of times, and for me it's not the greatest park in the world. The concourse is great with the old train station, but once you are inside it feels like a warehouse. Granted I've never been there when the roof was open, but it just feels like the ballplayers are playing in an aircraft hanger. A lot of the stuff color wise is missmatched. It's just an odd little park...
  11. I actually like the new kits here. One thing I would explore would be to make the MLS logo on the bottom of the numbers in team specific colors. Right now, it's the focal point of the back of the jersey.
  12. It was said earlier, but I think you need to invert the red and white. The design is actually something I could live with if they hit the field; it's radical but it's not insulting.
  13. Perfect Zero

    Cosmos NY

    I like the update to the lines on the logo, and I REALLY love the new jerseys (I would seriously have to consider buying the white ones). The only problems that I could see is sponsorship on the front of the jersey would be difficult to pull off if they went that route, and Adidas is currently ruining the jerseys in MLS. Otherwise, this is a striking update.
  14. Today's race at Barber was much better than the snoozefest at St. Petersberg. IndyCar needs to move away from the street parades pronto. That's why I am not even close to enthused about the Houston race; the ChampCar races there were horrid.
  15. It's not "almost" as bad, it is as bad as the Rangers. I e-mailed a person within the organization about it, and he said that the team wanted to show more Texan patriotism. It's the same reason why they took down the thirty team flags and put up all Texas flags. I loved it when I could look out in center and figure out what place each team was in simply by the order of the flags, but they don't do that anymore.
  16. I don't know why it would be that odd. If the Rangers had of won, I'd have them put "World's Champions" right on the front of the sucker like in olden times
  17. The Rangers wear their blue alternates in Spring Training and not the BPs.
  18. I just ordered my tickets for the Texas Motor Speedway race. I really enjoy going to that race and I hope that IndyCar will keep running here. Meanwhile, I'm pumped up about St. Petersberg this weekend. It looks like Lotus is going to have a lot to catch up to, and it could really hurt people like Simona di Silvestra and Sebastien Bourdais... hopefully they will start to catch up come Indy time.
  19. This whole argument is why teams should never retire numbers in the first place. I'm not a huge fan of the Cowboys, but they do it right with the whole ring of honor.
  20. I really, really wish Lotus would go back to green and gold. The John Player Special is nice, but it's time to go back to what Lotus started with. With that said, I can't wait to see these cars go around Texas yet again.
  21. re: your sig. Who are the FW Bombers. Are the FW Cats no more? My roommate in college was an usher at LaGrave Field and I used to go watch them fairly often. The Bombers are the Continental League's newest member... those guys are the first six members. The Cats are still playing, but they are moving to the North American Baseball League where they will supposedly play teams like the new San Angelo Colts and Abilene Prairie Dogs. It's a step down from the American Association, but that's what happens when you can't get bills of credit.
  22. Forty-Seven Brand is the best hat out there. I've have a couple of their hats, and they are very, very comfortable. They even hold up well during the 100 degree days at the Ballpark. It's nice to see that they're going into the NFL business.