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  1. I like your "CAN ADA" idea on the shoulders, and I think those uniforms work really well. However, I'm going to reiterate what others have said on here and say that the checkerboard doesn't work at all on the Czech uniforms. I know that it's part of the crest, but the Croats have that market cornered.
  2. F is the best, but E and C wouldn't be bad choices.
  3. The Loaded Nachos at Rangers Ballpark come to mind; basically a taco salad that turns into tortilla soup. It's pretty awesome. The best food that I've had all around though came from my hometown high school football games where they serve Frito Pie right in the bag. Frito Pie by itself is good, but on a sub-freezing night in the third quarter, there's nothing like it.
  4. You can get a jersey with that name, just not with that exact number that the retired player wore.
  5. There's a new car coming, so I guess they had to do something with the old ones.
  6. Hockey is the main sport, and I assume that they'll have some college football, Notre Dame sports (besides football), Olympic Sports, Cycling, MLS, and one of my favorite sports in IndyCar. It's going to be like the alternative sports network.
  7. Perfect Zero

    Utah Utes

    That's an awesome idea, but one thing that bugs me is that it looks really weird with the serifs. I know that's how you get the state's outline... What if you made the left part of the left serif on the level with the right side? It's kinda hard to explain, but it would keep the state outline inside the U while making the outside a bit more uniform.
  8. This is a lateral for me. I see the differences, it's just not enough for me to like or dislike it. The space around the period number is a bit of a distraction though.
  9. I don't agree with this. If the Rangers could give their Ryan era jerseys the "Toronto" treatment, we would have an amazing set. THIS. Yeah, and then they could look more like the Royals and Dodgers. It would be better than having four different jerseys, "Texas" on the white jerseys, black dropshadows, and having a fit on whether we are a blue or red team.
  10. I don't agree with this. If the Rangers could give their Ryan era jerseys the "Toronto" treatment, we would have an amazing set.
  11. Further information from Anthony Andro of Fox Sports Southwest... Rangers turning back the clock in 2012
  12. Anytime that a powder blue road jersey makes a return, it's a good day. It's cool, but I question its use as a home jersey. Supposedly, it will be worn August 11th against the Tigers. I've also heard that the 80's cursive one (my personal favorite) will be worn June 16th against the Astros. Hopefully it will go up against the Rainbow guts.
  13. The Texas Rangers displayed the four retro jerseys that they are going to wear with the old players that actually wore them. Home 70's jersey - Jim Sundberg Home late 80's jersey - Jose Guzman Home 90's jersey - David Hulse Road 70's jersey - Tom Grieve Supposedly they are going to have at least one game with each jersey, including a home game with the powder blues.
  14. Agreed. I always thought he was getting poked in the nose with something. I'm so glad I'm not the only person who thought of this. It took me until middle school to figure out that it was on a cold day that the bronco was drawn. The logo looks much better with the lighter blue by the way. This is a really good modernization.
  15. I don't have much to say other than I like the transition that you have made with this concept. The primary looks cleaner now and I think it works better than the stuff that they have now. One thing I would suggest is standardizing the wordmark. Either go with block lettering or go with cursive. Having both really muddles the concept for me. I'd like to see that; it would go well with the teal alternate. It might be worth trying, but I don't think it would add much.
  16. First you win the World Series, then perfect our jerseys... Seriously, that is what the Rangers need; well done. As for actual news: I'm probably going to get ripped for the size, but a developer for MLB The Show had this picture as his avatar on another forum. In addition to the new Batter's Eye Club and visitor's bullpen, Hamilton is sporting a fortieth anniversary patch. The only problem is that the picture is too small to get any details. All I can make out is a "40" imposed upon an outline of Texas with the Texan flag.
  17. I know how this feels as my Grandmother passed away a few weeks ago due to complications from Alzheimer's/Leukemia. I really enjoy your work, and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
  18. Just chiming in to say how much I love what you have done to these teams. I'm not really feeling the switch back to green for Los Angeles, but everything else in my opinion is top notch.
  19. Yeah, but a lot of kids that go there are from Tonga (I actually think it's a different war dance that they do, but it's similar). Doesn't matter though, they lost to my former high school yesterday in Regionals.
  20. Some suggestions that I would have are to expand the press box area to at least the 20s and to clean up the design a bit. The latter might be hard to do though.
  21. This is really sad news, and the worst part is that you have asshats trying to go around and make fun of the whole thing. Wheldon's legacy cannot be measured; this is a man dying doing what he loved to do. Yeah, there were problems with what they were doing in Las Vegas (you can't have that many cars on a flat out oval), but it's sad that anything like this could happen.
  22. All season long Derek Holland used the Red hat/ White jersey combo, and I think it caught on with the rest of the team at home.
  23. Obviously this is your own personal opinion, but you are wrong. Facts are facts. Facts cannot be disbuted. The Ravens were an expansion team with a BRAND NEW NFL certificate. The ONLY thing they took from the Browns was the 1995 roster and coaching staff....THAT'S IT. The 1995 roster is NOT the entire history of the Cleveland Browns. You're right. Facts are facts. The Art Modell took the entire team & front office and moved to another city, just like in the case of almost every other franchise relocation in the history of sports. The Cleveland Browns ceased to exist. This wasn't Loria trading ownership of the Expos for the Marlins, because Modell took everything but the uniforms. You can agree with the NFL and say all you want that the Browns never left Cleveland, but it's just not true. I saw them leave. Everyone in Cleveland saw them leave. They had an Expansion Draft & everything for the new Expansion Browns. If you buy into the NFL's line of thinking (and it's obvious you do), then the only thing that matters is the franchise identity. I think it's horse[bleep]. The Cleveland Browns aren't some certificate in Al Lerner's office. The Cleveland Browns are either in Baltimore or they don't exist. There is zero lineage aside from a certificate. And the idea that without possession of the specific certificate you aren't a franchise is quaint to say the least. Like I said before, if someone breaks into Reliant Stadium tomorrow and steals the Texans' certificate, the NFL is not going to boot them from the league because they aren't in possession of the certificate. This is the same sort of semantics that leads to Joe Buck saying Nelson Cruz hit the first walk-off grand slam in postseason history. No, he didn't. Robin Ventura did. It's not Ventura's fault that Todd Pratt stopped him before second base. Call it a single, score it a single, make the final 4-3, but I watched the ball leave the park. You can't retcon actual events. Or maybe you can if enough people don't care. I loved that last little paragraph that you put in. Ventura could have made the attempt to touch all of the bases even after being mobbed, but he neglected to do so. In order for him to get the Home Run, the rules specifically state that the batter has to touch all of the bases including home base. In failing to do this, he abandoned the play and thus is ruled out after the run had scored (although I believe that he was falsely given a single). It's not about if the ball leaves the park, it's about the rules of Baseball. Of course, it's ok if you don't want to look at the rules. EDIT: Gothamite beat me to the punch. Of course, I was consulting the Official Rules of Baseball.