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  1. they absolutely have to wear the alt cap to pull this off. Otherwise the red is totally arbitrary. El grosso.
  2. The more I see this, the more I really don't like the shoulder bolt. It's moving in completely the wrong direction, more obvious when the white area is removed. The bolts are upside-down. I'm not a fan of the shoulder bolts either, but I think it's more of a necessity then a design decision. With sleeves shrinking they had to move the TV numbers to the shoulders, which meant the bolts had to be moved down. That does look good, but would they be able to switch to a grey facemask when using the alt?
  3. I'm thinking in 2-3 years the powder blue becomes their primary.
  4. I love the new design. I think the white helmet is great, and have the white shoulder panel ties everything in. Also if they have a solid-white set, it is gonna very much rock. My only real issue is the way they worked powder blue into the scheme. It seems kind of arbitrary, and doesn't seem to fit. I think they should have either totally switched colors, or stuck with the navy and yellow.
  5. I like them a lot. Plus they don't have that freakin diagonal collar stripe.
  6. Excellent work! Awesome logo and colors. The light blue hat would fly off the shelves. The only tweaks I would make are with the borders on the road ersey numbers/wordmark. I would swap the white and light blue. Other than that, this is the best Blue Jays concept I've seen, and there have been some really good ones.
  7. Looks good - but I would go with the navy facemask
  8. Man, Saints in all-black versus the Colts all-white would have rocked.
  9. I love the blue turf, except for the fact that Boise St. wears solid blue at home. Their whole team blends in with the turf and it looks weird.
  10. A Saints NFC South Champ sig would rock my face!
  11. Holograms maybe? LED's? The great minds at Nike aren't limited by convention or taste.
  12. I nominate those for the Hall-of-Fame of bad
  13. Good job. I would take this over the current set, and the gold's match! Why not throw in some white pants for more options.
  14. Just saw the warmups on FOX NFL Sunday. Black pants with black socks.