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  1. There was a stat the other day that since the start of the 2017 season, Howie Kendrick has the highest batting average in baseball (with minimum of I think 850 PAs). He came up as a guy who was "going to win batting titles", which he hasn't, but he's always been a solid hitter. I'm wholeheartedly admitting some bias here, as he's been my favorite player for a decade, but his performance this postseason hasn't been that much of a surprise. It's been awesome to see though.
  2. Not the point I was trying to make...I completely agree with everything you said here. I was merely trying to say that it was frustrating that they couldn't find the endzone. I was worried that all the drives stalling and ending in 3 points instead of 7 could come back to haunt them.
  3. It sucks that officiating had such a big impact, but it doesn't negate the fact that the Lions couldn't score a damn touchdown to save their lives. One would've put this game away.
  4. It's so sad...and I feel like the ugliness might just be beginning. It seems like either Kay or Mead isn't being 100% honest here, and it's possible that the team could've just turned a blind eye to Skaggs' addiction. Awful. Also, they mentioned 5 former Angels also being involved in this...part of me wonders if one wasn't Tommy Hanson (who died of a drug overdose) or Josh Hamilton (who was basically kicked off the team due to relapsing).
  5. The wordmark, too. And what the hell...the afro, too (RIP Oscar)
  6. From my trip last week...
  7. Just got done celebrating Howie's grand slam. I was so pumped! (For those unaware, I'm likely the world's biggest Howie Kendrick fan)
  8. One minor gripe...on the alt logo, the lines on the ball get kinda awkward where they meet the outline of the "76". Like the little piece right by the top of the 6, and how the center line of the ball is thinned out. I do love how clean the uniforms and wordmarks are.
  9. Happy 1st birthday, Gritty!!!
  10. The socks are kinda nice on their own?
  11. I'm pulling for Washington to be that team.
  12. I also have an invite expiring this week.
  13. Stance makes Maryland flag socks, too. Surprised they didn't wear those to complete this awful minor league look.
  14. Hard pass. I'll also pass on Steve Finley, Gary Matthews Jr., Vernon Wells, Matt Harvey, Matt Joyce and, in another year or so, Zack Cozart.
  15. While he clearly hasn't lived up to the contract and has severely declined, Pujols hasn't been quite as bad as it seems. He's put up 95+ RBI in 5 of the 7 full seasons (100+ in 4 of them). His average across the 7 seasons is just under .260, which again, is not the Albert Pujols the Angels signed up for, but not outright awful. Now, as an Angels fan, I'll 100% consider it a disappointment, if not a failure, but his down years are better than most players' down years. (Maybe I'm just trying to find some light in this whole thing )