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  1. He didn't. The name hadn't been revealed yet when I had posted (which is why i put the "working title" in there), but it's Beckham Aaron Trout.
  2. On a positive note, Mike Trout, Jr. (working title) has officially been born.
  3. Can they set up a bunch of hot dogs, ice cream helmets, $12 beers and nachos up so he can knock them off the counter, getting nacho cheese on his blazer?
  4. I've loved seeing these on Instagram so far! Two of them made me audibly laugh.
  5. Not crazy about the name (I don't think it's that bad, either), but goddamn, those jerseys are incredible. I haven't bought a new hockey jersey on years, but i might need that white one.
  6. I picked the Angels and Lions because they're my favorite teams. The rest are mascots I really like.
  7. This particular instance is also seen in an episode of "Hangin' with Mr. Cooper"...
  8. Not sure about hardcore Bears fans, but in another episode, Steve, Grandma and Carl go to the Bears game in their Bears gear (Steve has a sweet hat that's a stuffed bear). Eddie's a peanut vendor at the stadium. Hilarity ensues. Edit: Carl DID NOT have Bears stuff on. Continuity! And just to throw another Family Matters sports reference in there....
  9. There's a Family Matters Halloween episode where Carl's inexplicably dressed as Emmitt Smith. At least his jersey included the 75th season patch. Eddie also had a Cowboys poster in his room in that episode. It was confusing, and a little disappointing. Also, I think Home Improvement is most closely related with the Detroit Lions, but let's take a look at the Toolman's glorious collection of Motor City crewneck sweatshirts....
  10. Sweet intro videos and songs. Also, I miss getting the Starstruck catalog with all the minor league baseball hats.
  11. Agreed 100% on the current look. And I agree that the Mullin era is the best, but I'm also admittedly a fan if the Jason Richardson era jerseys, too. I'm well aware I'm likely in the minority there.
  12. Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I don't think this is a top 10 jersey in the NBA right now (even with the font upgrade), let alone 27th all-time. But I guess if the team is good, they must have classic uniforms, right?
  13. Well, for one, I wouldn't have knocked over a lamp as I jumped for joy when the Angels won.
  14. I'll save you guys the's not baseball playing monkeys.
  15. I had the Samsung Lions and Dinos game on yesterday afternoon while I was working, and I enjoyed it. It's obviously not quite the same for many reasons, but it was nice to have baseball to watch. Also, let's go Giants! (I'm rooting for them solely because former Angel Hank Conger is their catching coach)