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  1. As an Angels fan living in Philly, I'm so unbelievably happy right now.
  2. I think he was thinking of Mayor McCheese... ...or one of these guys
  3. Free agency has been going on for one day, and I'm already terrified at how optimistic I am for the Lions right now.
  4. I love just about everything about this. If I'm going to nitpick, I'd suggest switching the ALT Away cap to solid brown, and adding some yellow to the home cap. I'm a little unsure about the mismatched fonts on the primary'd read funny, but if you used the "Padres" font and switch the order (Padres up top, San Diego on the bottom), it would fit.
  5. As someone who occasionally (okay, maybe often) sports a Fat Boys t-shirt, I love this.
  6. I like that Petey Pablo's "Raise Up" is being relentlessly played during All Star Saturday Night so far.
  7. I will say that I went to a Soul game last year (for company is a sponsor of the team), and it was actually pretty fun. Free beer before and after the game also helped. I was literally 20 feet from Jaworski for most of a Saturday.
  8. I always liked this look for Denver (the rainbows are better, I'll admit)
  9. It just seems like that because he's looking the other way.
  10. I actually love the simplicity of the new logo, but this was my first thought as well.
  11. Just once, can we have the old Suh back?
  12. Completely agree on this point. I don't mind them all on the primary logo too much (a more simple font for the letters around the outside might be nice), but I think the wordmark and jersey script (the Stockton one) might be better if they matched the "S" in the alternate logo. Overall, great stuff though. Definite upgrade!
  13. Well, that was awesome. This is a lot of stuff that definitely goes unnoticed, but it's really, no pun intended, incredible. Thanks for sharing.