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  1. Aside from the G-Ball logo, I actually really like these a lot. The script is fantastic, and the C and Cleveland wordmarks are very simple but unique enough to be an upgrade of their current stuff. I'm just hoping for a return of red pants
  2. As a lifelong Suns fan, last night kinda sucked, but I'm still amazed that team made the run they did this season. They're still young, so hopefully they'll get another shot at the title. But man, Giannis was just flat-out unstoppable. It was a really fun and mostly even series. I'm doing much better this time compared to in '93, when I was 7 and in Disneyworld when the Bulls won. you, Jon Paxson.
  3. This quickly became one of my favorite logos of all time. I have a hat of it, but would absolutely love to see more jerseys. That said, I do love the new retro-style logo.
  4. I'm a Suns fan, and I've been "Holy crap, the Suns are in the NBA Finals" for the past few days now. The last time, I was 7 and Jon Paxson ruined my vacation in Disney World. Oddly enough, I'm going to Anaheim in a month and am planning on checking out Disneyland for a day. Hopefully there's a different ending this year.
  5. I missed a solid decade of the NBA in the 2010s, but when I think of the Clippers, it's like Eric Piatkowski, Corey Maggette, Loy Vaught, Michael Olowakandi, Elton Brand, Danny Manning and Ron Harper. I'm well aware probably none of these guys are on their Mount Rushmore, but those are the Clippers that immediately come to mind.
  6. The rule is that they forfeit the DH if they have the pitcher hit, so he'd have to pitch all 9 innings in order to stay in the lineup.
  7. Angels starting pitchers have a habit of not eating up very many innings, so keeping Bundy in there was likely an effort to save some of the bullpen, as they've thrown far too many innings. Also, they've been short on position players on the bench lately (at one point last week, they literally had 2 available for a game), so not pinch hitting in this situation saves the use of a bench player for a single AB. And third, sometimes Joe Maddon makes weird decisions.
  8. His pitching lately has made most of us Angels fans wanna puke too. (Seriously, I hope he's ok. It's miserable outside here on the east coast. I had 3 games yesterday, and it sucked)
  9. I was at Friday's game. It was so boring until the 8th when the Orioles scored 5 runs out of nowhere.
  10. I just signed up as well!
  11. Granted, I'm an Angels fan and completely biased and enamored with Ohtani, but what he is doing this season is just insane. Pitches that he shouldn't even be making contact with are going over the fence. I admittedly brushed off the "Babe Ruth" talk when he first came over, but I'm starting to believe it. At the very least, I'm enjoying the hell out of watching him play. I'm worried he's going to run out of steam, given that he's appeared in every single game this year, but he's been the highlight of the Angels season so far (and Trout's off to an absolutely amazing start, despite his current slump and potential injury).
  12. As an Angels fan, it's been equally astounding, although lately it's been "same old Angels". Aside from injuries, it's been a lot of signing/trading for aging sluggers like Bobby Abreu, Hideki Matsui, Vernon Wells and Raul Ibanez to provide name value and fill the DH spot while they had their own name value aging slugger in Albert often either not on the field or just flat-out underperforming. I don't think I've seen a team miss more on "big" free agent signings more than the Angels, although that's probably up for debate. But Josh Hamilton, Zack Cozart, CJ Wilson, Gary Matthews and obviously Pujols say hello. The team hasn't had a true ace since 83-MPH hurling Jered Weaver, relying mostly on bounceback seasons from guys like Tim Lincecum, Matt Harvey, Julio Teheran and Alex Cobb. Dylan Bundy seems like he's working out, but he could be gone next year. Pitching is the glaring hole for the past few years, and they've tried (Bauer, Cole etc.) but ultimately failed to sign a front of the rotation guy. The bullpen has been much of the same. The last really good closer this team had was K-Rod, with some ok years of Brian Fuentes and I think one from Huston Street (until the wheels fell off). Luckily, the future looks kind of bright (maybe), with at least a few prospects to looks forward to. With Albert's contract officially off the books next year, there's money to be spent hopefully on pitching, although it wouldn't surprise me in the least bit if one of the big SS free agents is signed instead. Upton's contract is up the following year, freeing up even more money in 2023. With Trout, Ohtani, Fletcher, Rendon and Walsh currently on the roster and the potential of Marsh, Adell, Detmers and Canning, there's at least something to look forward to.
  13. This seems to be essentially what happened. With Walsh at 1B and Ohtani at DH, there aren't a lot of ABs available for Albert. He didn't like being kept out of the lineup, and DFAing him seemed to be the best result for the team and Albert.
  14. Pujols is (finally) getting released. It seems kinda terrible to release a legend in what should be his last season, but it's several years overdue at this point. His contract has put such a burden on that franchise, especially considering his production on the field.
  15. There's a report that Rodgers to the Broncos is almost a done deal.
  16. Not surprised that this eventually made its way to MLB, but I hate it. I hate it so much.
  17. Every other team is going to forfeit the season due to lack of kneecaps. Honestly, I don't think 0-17 is impossible, unfortunately.
  18. Apparently she's updated her post, and he's undecided on his future. Either way, it's his last year in Anaheim....unless Arte Moreno signs him to an extension, which we honestly can't rule out.
  19. Albert Pujols' wife confirmed this will be his last season on her Instagram. Granted, his awful contract is coming off the books, so I'd be glad to see him out of Anaheim anyway, but man, he's been just awful.
  20. Not sure if these have come up before, but these Royals jerseys "R" awful
  21. Washington reportedly offered this year's 1st and 3rd for Stafford. I like the Rams deal better.
  22. As a Lions fan, I'm so happy with this trade aside from seeing Stafford leave Detroit. I'm super excited for him to be on a contender though.
  23. The Flyers used to have virtual ads on the glass behind the net and behind the benches. I know I had to make them the past few seasons. Either they're not doing it this year, or we lost our sponsorship with the Wells Fargo Center.
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