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  1. Not surprised that this eventually made its way to MLB, but I hate it. I hate it so much.
  2. Every other team is going to forfeit the season due to lack of kneecaps. Honestly, I don't think 0-17 is impossible, unfortunately.
  3. Apparently she's updated her post, and he's undecided on his future. Either way, it's his last year in Anaheim....unless Arte Moreno signs him to an extension, which we honestly can't rule out.
  4. Albert Pujols' wife confirmed this will be his last season on her Instagram. Granted, his awful contract is coming off the books, so I'd be glad to see him out of Anaheim anyway, but man, he's been just awful.
  5. Not sure if these have come up before, but these Royals jerseys "R" awful
  6. Washington reportedly offered this year's 1st and 3rd for Stafford. I like the Rams deal better.
  7. As a Lions fan, I'm so happy with this trade aside from seeing Stafford leave Detroit. I'm super excited for him to be on a contender though.
  8. The Flyers used to have virtual ads on the glass behind the net and behind the benches. I know I had to make them the past few seasons. Either they're not doing it this year, or we lost our sponsorship with the Wells Fargo Center.
  9. It's by no means bad, and it ties in with the Yankees affiliation really well. But I miss this guy so much.
  10. They look like that one guy in every beer league that everyone wants to hit.
  11. To quote Spike from Little Giants, "Thank you football god!"
  12. I don't think any of these are outright bad at all. Detroit, oddly enough my favorite team, is probably my least favorite, and the Isles just kinda dropped the ball here, even if the jersey itself looks nice. The Blues is kinda ugly, but I feel like it works, given the concept. My top 3, not that anyone cares: 1. Arizona 2. Nashville 3. Colorado
  13. As a Suns fan, I've never really liked the black uniforms, but these are actually kinda nice. Well, specifically, I like the jerseys...the shorts, not so much. When this leaked a week or so ago, someone (might've even been on here?) made a purple version of this jersey, and it looked awesome. I still don't love the Suns current identity, but this jersey helps a little.
  14. I wanted a white Barry Sanders jersey when I was a kid. Well, one year for Christmas, I got my white Sanders jersey. Thanks, mom! Also, I think I wore it twice ever. All the stupid Eagle fan kids at my elementary school loved it.
  15. MiLB shop has a daily flash sale, so i snagged this guy (Visalia Oaks) for $15! I also got the Trenton Thunder pork roll cap for $20, which I'm pretty excited for.
  16. The Lions and blown leads? They had another today, their 4th double digit blown lead in a row. NFL record!
  17. Not exactly Thrift Store Gems, but i didn't know where else to put this or feel like starting a new thread. Anyway, since quarantine/COVID started, I've been buying hats with my favorite Minor League mascots. I don't wear hats very often, but I saw a sale on MiLB Shop and it just kinda grew from there. I have a few more I'm looking for, but so far, this is what I've purchased. - Montgomery Biscuits (I already had the Forrest Gump inspired one, so I got the standard yellow one now) - Daytona Tortugas - Milwaukee Admirals refrigerator (AHL hockey, but it's still a fun mascot) - Hillsboro Hops Alt. - Piedmont Boll Weevils - Albuquerque Dukes - Potomac/Prince William Cannons - 1994 Beaumont Bullfrogs The Dukes and Cannons are ones I've wanted for years, and the Bullfrogs is one I've been in search of for a very long time. I've loved that logo since I saw it in a Starstruck Catalog when I was a kid (I freaking LOVED those catalogs with entire farm systems' caps in them), and finally found one that was new.
  18. This would almost make up for 7-year-old me, a Suns fan, being in Disney World and watching my team lose the NBA finals. Damn near ruined my vacation. I still hate Jon Paxson.
  19. I actually really like the little white stripes on the jersey. Potentially weird the one picture, it clearly looks like the back hem stripes are curved. Is that just the picture, or is that the cut of the adidas jerseys? I can't quite tell by looking at other adidas jerseys.
  20. Turning on an O's game and not hearing Gary Thorne was such a disappointment. I had no idea they weren't calling games.
  21. I have quite a few items of teams that aren't my favorite. I guess I have 3 reasons.... 1. Local team - I have a few Philly teams (and Baltimore Orioles) shirts, basically in case I go to a game....and mostly because I love Gritty. Also, you get a discount if you wear Union or Eagles stuff to the grocery store on game days. So basically, I own an Eagles shirt to save money on food. I also work with an Eagles sponsor, so occasionally, I go to Eagles sponsored events with clients/personnel....and sometimes our office gives us free stuff if we wear our Eagles attire to work (and you should see some of the awful fake jerseys people have!) 2. I like the logo/merchandise - I have a lot of hats and shirts of different teams because I just like certain logos. My minor league hat collection's been steadily growing, mostly with logos with cartoon mascots. I'll also buy stuff with retro logos, especially if it's the Whalers or the swinging Padre. 3. I like the player - There are certain players that I'll support, regardless of what team it's of. I'm up to 6 Howie Kendrick shirts (only one is of the Angels, my favorite team) and have a few shirts each of Vladimir Guerrero (both Jr. and Sr.) and Tony Gwynn. I'll also buy stuff of my favorite players from when they were on other teams (example: I have Darren McCarty and Mike Vernon Calgary Flames shirts)
  22. He didn't. The name hadn't been revealed yet when I had posted (which is why i put the "working title" in there), but it's Beckham Aaron Trout.
  23. On a positive note, Mike Trout, Jr. (working title) has officially been born.
  24. Can they set up a bunch of hot dogs, ice cream helmets, $12 beers and nachos up so he can knock them off the counter, getting nacho cheese on his blazer?
  25. I've loved seeing these on Instagram so far! Two of them made me audibly laugh.