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  1. I think either a darker or just more vibrant green would improve them. The green comes across kinda dull, but otherwise very well done.
  2. Maybe the same guy designed both uniforms...for example, I think the same guy designed the Angels and Nats jerseys, they're both incredibly similar. I kind of agree though that it's somewhat bothering...teams need thier own identities.
  3. I buy a lot of hockey jerseys...I've spent a good amount of money "ebay-ing" for hockey jerseys. I have the Team Canada 3rd(black w/ old style leaf), Marty McSorley 1980's Oilers jersey(road), an early 90s Kings, Saku Koivu home jersey, and currently I'm looking for a Paul Coffey or Dino Ciccarelli jersey(obviously I'm a Red Wings fan).
  4. ...looks like a little league jersey. I don't think it'd be too bad if it had navy collar/cuff business.
  5. I like the Tigers home jerseys the most...I also like the Cards home and Texas' uniforms in general
  6. How could anyone forget Spooneybarger? It's hilarity at its finest. I'm also a fan of Chone Figgins...although Chone is pronounced like Shawn/Sean... also, since we're on the old-timers...Buford McGee, Mookie Wilson, Micky Morandini
  7. What bosox said is true, and R2 brings up the bullpen/lineup options
  8. They're actually kinda gross....what was wrong with the old ones?
  9. I have also been searching for a Whalers jersey...on Ebay, they're all ridiculously expensive, and I've seen many from the UK, which doesn't make much sense to me. I actually have the Suns(Dan Majerle...and a white of Barkley and Majerle) and the Kings jersey...I got the Kings one off Ebay for like $15....they've actually made Vintage jerseys of those though...mine's actually from the early 90s...all polyester-ish and whatnot.
  10. DC- Very nice...great Akron-ish color scheme... CH- Simplicity usually works out...this is no exception...decent Alexander- Nice unique design, not sure they grey pants are working for me(mainly on the white jersey)...maybe and all white road uni would be better... LS- Maybe a little darker green...overall good stuff. There's something not working in the all black'ns though...maybe it's just white or gold pants would do the trick? I'unno...just a suggestion Not sure if I helped at all, just giving some feedback
  11. In-freakin'-credible! I'm going to college for Graphic Design(in hopes to design logos for a living)...those Sabres logos just made my day...
  12. Being a huge Lions fan...I like the way the uni's look, but I'm not so sure they fit the Lions...the Lions are such a...I guess "classic" team, that I'm not sure having an alternate really fits the team. I'd rather them just wear the all blue Thanksgiving jerseys to be honest.
  13. The logo's are amazing...I like the way the diamond is "non-traditional", for the lack of a better term. THe only thing I'm not too fond of is the stripes on the sides....I do, however, like how they are on the orange jersey. I like how it's a thick black stripe with thinner white piping....I like that better than the 3 medium stripes.