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  1. I like that Petey Pablo's "Raise Up" is being relentlessly played during All Star Saturday Night so far.
  2. I will say that I went to a Soul game last year (for company is a sponsor of the team), and it was actually pretty fun. Free beer before and after the game also helped. I was literally 20 feet from Jaworski for most of a Saturday.
  3. I always liked this look for Denver (the rainbows are better, I'll admit)
  4. It just seems like that because he's looking the other way.
  5. I actually love the simplicity of the new logo, but this was my first thought as well.
  6. Completely agree on this point. I don't mind them all on the primary logo too much (a more simple font for the letters around the outside might be nice), but I think the wordmark and jersey script (the Stockton one) might be better if they matched the "S" in the alternate logo. Overall, great stuff though. Definite upgrade!
  7. Well, that was awesome. This is a lot of stuff that definitely goes unnoticed, but it's really, no pun intended, incredible. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Holy . I wouldn't have guessed he was only 34, and I know what he looks like.
  9. The Lions have fired Jim Bob Cooter. Now whose name can we laugh at?
  10. You're just gonna ignore that missed offensive pass interference call that Ertz scored on, aren't you?
  11. I completely agree that they overspent for what they got. I hadn't realized that Tyson Ross signed for so much less, honestly. Infield isn't that much of a need outside of depth. An upgrade at 2nd or 3rd would be great, but I think they're high on Fletcher and are willing to give him a shot.
  12. They were "in" on Corbin, Happ and Eovaldi and missed out. You're not wrong by any means, but they also have more than 1 spot to fill in the rotation this season, along with one behind the plate and likely several in the bullpen. I'm not particularly optimistic about Harvey or Cahill, but I understand the move.
  13. Yeah, I'm in the same boat on this one. But hey, they signed Trevor Cahill now, too! (Which I'm actually kind of ok with. He was a guy I wasn't exactly opposed to taking a chance on. A ground ball pitcher with Simba, Cozart and Fletcher behind him sounds ok to me.)
  14. That makes sense...the 3D bell/flat wordmark do look a little off now that you mentioned it. I'd still say it's better than what the Phillies actually did.
  15. Saw this on dribbble by a guy named Nino Zizzo. It's everything the Phillies should've done last week.
  16. I'd be completely on board with my childhood hero and the single greatest center fielder of all-time (might be exaggerating just a tad ) going into the hall of fame.
  17. I learned today that there's a Harold Baines statue in Chicago, too. Between the number retirement and this, they must've really loved him there. Any Sox fans care to weigh in on this?
  18. "All right! Harold Baines!" was probably literally said by me as a kid. He was on my favorite RBI Baseball team and at the time I was playing RBI was probably on the Orioles, who we'd see play in person every summer. That said, not a Hall of Famer, but for some reason, I'm oddly happy he's in.
  19. I could be wrong, but isn't this logo really big (on top of billboard or something?) in the parking lot? I remember seeing it and thinking that the parking lot is legitimately the only place this logo is used. Edit: Holy crap. Google worked. Is this still there?
  20. Socks away from being a decent look....miles away from being a decent team. These were I believe brought up, but worth mentioning again... And while I think orange pants do look better, this is perfectly fine
  21. "Hey Marlins, you're not the only team who can plop a logo into another logo and call it a logo!"
  22. I've really only encountered this once, when the Angels wore the pinstriped monstrosities. I went out of my way to find the navy solid road cap, which I still think is a decent enough looking cap. It took months for me to find one at the mall (internet shopping wasn't exactly easy for a 12-year-old). If I bought NBA gear, I'd be running into this issue a lot over the past decade, as the Suns have generally looked terrible. However, my allegiance to the Suns is because of the early 90s, so any Suns stuff I buy is Thunder Dan-related. So, I guess an answer to this thread is to buy retro gear. A sweet throwback's never a bad idea (not even the Steve Jeltz Phillies jersey I want)