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  1. My only complaint with the Jets is the use of grey as the number outline on the home and away, because it runs into the problem the current Avs jerseys have where the outline is hard to see and makes numbers "blobby". The grey blends into the white numbers on the home and then blends into the jersey of the aways. I would like to see the lighter blue as the outline instead. In saying that, this has, by and large, been an extremely good concept thread.
  2. A light/powder blue or teal with a dark colour like black, navy or brown. Some red can be thrown in there too as an accent.
  3. The Spokane Chiefs have a blue alternate, which are the flipped Habs jerseys.
  4. If you're actually wondering, here's what they are. 2. More natural arc The new logo is flatter and longer. Look at the big circles in either of these logos, the new logo is on an arc that isn't as tight. 3. Repair misaligned cutback This is the circled part on the old logo. The first cutback (the jagged parts of the bolt) juts into the centre (the line going through) of the logo, while you can see arc of the new logo goes straight through without touching the cut. 4. Balanced the width and horizontal location of the "cutbacks" for more symmetry These are the straight lines going down through the logos. You can see on the old logo that the first set of cutbacks are quite narrow, while the second set are wide and they aren't symmetrical on the logo. The new logo makes it so both sets of cutbacks are equal and symmetrical. 4. Remove arduous keyline They removed the dark blue outline, so now it only goes yellow/light blue/white instead of yellow/light blue/dark blue/white
  5. The Calgary Stampeders have a similar number font and I don't think it looks all that bad (though I would say the placement of the spikes on the different numbers are inconsistent). The difference I would say with the 76ers and Capitals and the Patriots, is that the 76ers and Capitals are more abstract references to the United States/patriotism and are using the colours of the States. The Patriots on the other hand are a specific reference to the people who didn't wear red.
  6. Since this thread got bumped again, why not refresh and update, plus explaining my signature. NHL - Anaheim Ducks: I watched the old Mighty Ducks cartoon on TV (which is on Disney+) when I was really young. I have no idea if I would have known or understood the connection to the actual team, but my parents obviously did because I have old pictures of me in Mighty Ducks gear, some of which is boxed up in storage somewhere. MLB - LA Angels: I picked the Angels when I was younger because they were the Ducks local team. NFL - New York Jets: My mom went to New York sometime around the turn of the century and came back with a Jets shirt for me. I guess I could have just as easily been a Giants fan. CFL - Calgary Stampeders: Hometown team NBA - Utah Jazz: I've only really started paying attention to the NBA within the past five years or so and my favourite team wasn't that solid. I floated around a couple "favourite" teams to see what stuck, and I know I have some posts on the boards when I was a fan of these teams, with the Jazz being one of those potential teams because of how much I liked the 90s mountain jerseys. The Jazz were playing on TV one night, so I decided to watch. Rodney Hood hit a buzzer beater to win and I decided right then I was going to be a Jazz fan. So I've been a Jazz fan since December 16, 2016 (in now just looking up the shot again). CHL - Calgary Hitmen: Hometown team USports - Alberta Golden Bears: The university I go to NCAA - Texas Tech Red Raiders: Two summers ago, I became friends with someone who was at Texas Tech at the time and I decided I would also follow the football team because I didn't really have a NCAA team that I was a fan of. I wasn't really intending on becoming a "fan" fan, but then I actually got really invested over the last two seasons. I also claimed the basketball team before last year's March Madness, which ended up being their run to the finals, so that turned out really well. NLL - Calgary Roughnecks: Hometown team Jr. A - Battlefords North Stars (SJHL), Drumheller Dragons (AJHL): In a prior life, I did colour for the North Stars and interned in Drumheller for the station that covered the Dragons, though the internship was in the summer (Summer Collegiate) WCBL - Okotoks Dawgs: Hometown-adjacent team MiLB - New Hampshire Fisher Cats, Vermont Lake Monsters, Wisconsin Timber Rattlers: New Hampshire has become a special place to me over the past two years and I went to a Fisher Cats game last summer. I really like Burlington and went out of my way to find the Lake Monsters office to spend a lot of money at the team store one day when I was there. I had a handful of MiLB hats previously, but the Timber Rattlers were the first one I went back and bought a second item from. This happening around the same time I created my Twitter account, so they were actually one of the first teams I followed. (I still plan to keep collecting MiLB hats/merch and I have, but these three will probably remain my "favourite" teams. For the record, I also don't really care about any allegiances to the Angels system)
  7. I would agree that any Rams logo is secondary to their helmet, similar to the Bengals. However, I don't know if a helmet as a primary logo would fly anymore. Exception to the Browns because that's what they've always been, but I don't know how well it would work for any other team.
  8. I referenced Chris and a article in a paper for a university drama class last year if that counts.
  9. I had a stupid (read: funny to me) thought that if this retro fourth jersey program does come to fruition, that all the teams would throwback to "odd" jerseys. Like not the ones you'd think of if a team is going to wear a throwback, but one's that would make you go "huh, weird" or "why did they pick that one?". Like the Ducks in the Nike alts, but with the black equipment during the eggplant shortage. or the Flames bringing back the pedestal or the Islanders with the 2000's orange alternate with the mismatched socks or the Canucks 2000's gradient or the Oilers in the first year of the navy and copper where they had yokes on the white jerseys or the Rangers in the shield jersey and then the Jets in the WHA throwbacks that are pretty much the same jersey as the above Rangers one This would also mean the recent expansion teams would just throwback to their original jerseys or better yet, a short-lived alternate or something.
  10. The CFL allows dark bumpers, straps, etc. And if it is an issue with refs being able to see un-strapped helmets, which it probably is or at least probably what the NFL would say the reason is, what about the teams with white helmets?
  11. That hasn’t always been the case though. Of their seven(ish) identities, one used the city, two used the city and Angels, and four used just Angels. (The post-Disney, pre-LAofA identity had an “Anaheim“ jersey wordmark that used the halo-A, but the primary logo represented Angels.) Currently, it is definitely the case that they are Angels of no place in particular.
  12. Some CHL teams have started sending players home, with the boiler plate "monitoring the situation" statement included. So I think it would be safe to assume they are more than likely going to officially cancel the season at some point.
  13. Apologies if this part has already been posted, the CHL has suspended play for all three leagues, with about two weeks left in all three’s regular seasons, but they have not cancelled the Memorial Cup as of yet. That is scheduled to take place May 22-31 in Kelowna, BC. However, the CJHL (Junior A) officially cancelled the rest of their season today. All 10 of their leagues were in the first or second round of league playoffs at cancellation. Obviously, this means the cancellation of the league playoffs, but also the series’ between league winners and the eventual junior A championship tournament.
  14. When these Maple Leafs jerseys were first unveiled, I didn't like the inconsistent striping on the sleeves and hem. But now that design has really grown on me and if you include the pants stripe and the socks, I think it's a neat striping pattern of double-single-single-double (starting from the sleeves and working down).