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  1. I could take or leave the font, because I've always thought that it was kind of weird but it fit the branding and I appreciated that it was consistent across the logos and jerseys. However, for whatever reason I've always had a soft spot for the name on the hem (provided it's contained by a stripe, EDGE-era LA Kings).
  2. The Henderson Silver Knights have a town crier announce the goal scorer.
  3. I'm good with sports teams doing anniversaries on the decades and on the quarters. I don't need a 15th or a 35th or a 65th, but a 60th, 70th, and 80th are fine. It's probably more of a minor league venture, but I do think it would be kind of funny for a team to buck the trend once and celebrate an arbitrary year (not like the decades and the quarters aren't arbitrary themselves) like their 12th anniversary or their 27th. Maybe not for a whole year, but maybe just a weekend or something.
  4. They have two different versions of the anniversary logo? The one on the left is from the webpage and the one on the right is from the Twitter video. I much prefer the one on the left. The placement of "Angels Baseball" and "60th Anniversary" on the right is rough and I don't really like the inclusion of the MLB logo. I also don't really like inclusion of an actual diamond on either.
  5. If we're to believe the Redditors who say they know people in the organization. Though it was said by the same people that players were fans of the 25th anniversary jersey, so I don't think the problem with the orange alternate is necessarily the use of the Mighty Ducks logo. Probably the orange? As much as people on the internet and fans might want the Mighty Ducks back and embraced, I think a lot of it is still on the players. The current Ducks jerseys are black. You can't think of any reason that players would want to wear black jerseys over eggplant or orange or one with a cartoon duck crashing through the ice? Getzlaf has said he doesn't like the Mighty Ducks look, which he did play one season as a Mighty Duck, and I would have to assume there are other players (and people) in the organization who feel the same way. I think if they are going to go back to the Mighty Ducks logo, if we are to believe and extrapolate from the Reddit comments, it'll probably not be whole-hog return. The players allegedly liked the 25th anniversary and the Samueli's are allegedly huge fans of the orange. There appears to be a lot of crossing viewpoints within the Ducks organization surrounding what the team looks like. I would be fine with something based off the 25th anniversary jersey, but a couple changes would have to be made. First and foremost would be removing the jade yoke.
  6. So taking a ride on the Reddit wheel of comments again, supposedly the Ducks players are the reason they are only wearing the Reverse Retros for the minimum amount.
  7. Once Uncle Lou left, the Devils decided to get wild but then... just didn't really?
  8. I just quickly flipped an old concept I had on my computer.
  9. MOD EDIT: Let's not encourage breaking the rules.
  10. Those white cuffs are the only things detracting from that Bruins jersey. Should have been black.
  11. Couple more things about the Coyotes from 31 Thoughts podcast episode. Chayka was forced to change his phone number during/after their arbitration because Arizona harassing him because they thought he was feeding information to Friedman I guess in Arizona you can only get a a sports betting license as part of a Tribe or as the owner of a local sports team, which seems to be a reason why Merulo bought the team in the first place The biggest trouble facing the Coyotes from the NHL is if the industry growth funds were misappropriated because those funds come from revenue sharing Friedman also said the law firm who met with Coyote employees is the same one hired by the league to investigate Dale Tallon, so the NHL might be starting to look into what's going on
  12. I guess Brampton's not a hockey market? The Battalion moved because of low attendance and then now the Beast are gone too, though the Beast aren't folding under normal circumstances.
  13. I wish the Panthers had used the stick breaking panther logo for the RR, but other than that I like them a lot.
  14. One of the weirdest things I've ever seen, the Blues goal horn rips a hole in the time space continuum and the Coyotes broadcast picks up the Memphis broadcast audio of the Grizzlies-Toronto Raptors game. The basketball audio continued on too. I have no idea how that happened.