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  1. Well first off, was that rule even on the books back then and is it even a rule, or just a guideline/direction? Secondly, what kind of punishment would you see fit?
  2. Alright there Carolina. You can settle down now, this was over a month ago.
  3. I didn't realize there was so much push back against custom number fonts. Block has its places and serves its purpose, but I like teams having custom fonts.
  4. I am just glad they paid the man so he'll be a career Angel. This contract is even team friendly too at 36/year.
  5. What I'm gathering from those tweets, mainly the second and the last, is that the Flames are going to be wearing the retro whites in the Heritage Classic and then continue to wear them a few times during the season. If I had to guess, they would definitely wear them against the Oilers, a rematch against the Jets and maybe the Leafs and Habs if the schedule works out. Then maybe in two seasons, it's full retro home and away. As for Blasty the Horse, I don't know where he could be returning. He does say not on a jersey, but I'm hoping he misspoke and meant not on the front of the jersey because I hope it's replacing the flags on the shoulders.
  6. I guess that is true with those guys like Manziel, Sam, Ricky Williams, though I can't think of any others. But I do think there is a much larger distinction to be made rather than just saying "American players have a long history of failure up in Canada".
  7. He can't even play in the XFL anyways if Vince sticks to his guns. And no, American players don't have a long history of failure in the CFL. Some of the greatest players in CFL history are Americans and a majority of the current players are American. You do know that right? Not all the players are Canadian.
  8. It will be interesting to see what he brings, if anything. He wasn't all the spectacular up here in the CFL and that's even before the whole fact he was banned for contravening his agreement with the CFL.
  9. 5 for the Fight is the cancer research charity of Qualtrics, a Utah based tech company, who bought the patch space. So the patch isn’t an ad for the company itself, it’s for the company’s charity which is a really cool move by Qualtrics and the Jazz. Combine all that with the fact the patches are in team colours and relatively non-intrusive, the Jazz easily have the “best” jersey ads.
  10. Doesn't matter what teams are playing, all the fans will be in green. I'd say just have the Flames wear Stampeders jerseys and the Jets wear Bombers jerseys. Wedding attire in Saskatchewan is their fanciest Roughriders jersey.
  11. For the Brewers, I think it's just because green is kind of the default seating and wall colour for baseball stadiums. I don't think it's much of a problem for the Padres brown to not match the seating/wall. Plenty of teams, if not most, don't play in a stadium where the seating/walls aren't team colours.
  12. This is from 1965. This is from 1976. This is from 1997. The Canucks logo is definitely a product of it's time. That's not to say it's a bad thing, but angry mascot breaking, or really doing anything to, ice is definitely '90s.
  13. This seems like such a weird take, and yes I know who it's originally coming from, to want standardized goalie masks. Why can't they paint the masks? In terms of equipment and uniform looks, the players are the players and the goalies are the goalies, they don't need to look like the rest of the team because they can't. Painted masks are just a part of being a goalie and can become the signature of the goalie. Are Curtis Joseph and Ed Belfour still Cujo and Eddie the Eagle if they were forced to wear blank masks? Standardizing the pads is another dumb ball of wax because I would assume that would also involve going to the manufacturers and telling them to only make certain templates of pads which would have an effect on probably all the way down to youth hockey.