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  1. Glad someone else noticed too.
  2. Adrian Dater with a real humdinger of a question. He started the question and then it got away from him (or never had a destination in the first place) and dropped an f-bomb in the middle of it. He tries to defend himself/go after Pete in the replies.
  3. I like 1 and 3 also, but 1 is really reminiscent of Biden's campaign logo.
  4. If there's been any example of something staying around for long enough that people just eventually accept it, it's this logo. This logo stinks! I understand why there is pushback from some Revs fans, but there shouldn't really be because all it is is a poorly drawn American flag. As a Revs fan of about a month or so, I welcome this change. This new logo isn't perfect and there would be some changes I would make (I really like Brian's idea of using the fort shape), but it's infinitely better than what the logo is now.
  5. I believe I've mentioned it on the boards once or twice before, but a real improvement the switch to EDGE brought was the tailoring of the jerseys. Pre-EDGE jerseys were so baggy. The arm stripe is almost in the gloves, the shoulder patch is on the upper arm, Skoula is almost drowning in the shoulders of his jersey.
  6. As a Revolution fan of like a month ago, I like it. The flag logo sucks and this new thing looks a lot less like USA Soccer. Here's a cached link to a page about the rebrand from the designer's(?) website. It was up and then taken down. That's what the webpage says,
  7. Doesn't somebody have an O's concept floating around here using that sign font? To jump in the Reddit-mobile, someone who says they work within the MLB and closely with some people in the Angels Front Office claims that when the City Connect program was in the planning stage last year, the Angel City Connects were going to be "beach themed", but doesn't know if that's still the case.
  8. Well I mean, come on. There's nothing to be read in social media profile pictures and social media graphics unless the teams want us to. Your profile pic here, which I assume is the default picture for people without a picture uploaded, is a black and white version of the CCSLC logo. Does that mean the CCSLC is going to be changing colours?
  9. You know what, you cracked the case. The Stars are going to be dropping green, a colour they have worn for their entire existence even going back to Minnesota, and changing to black and white next season because they are using a black and white logo for social media profile pics. They are going to introduce it through profile pictures by using a black and white logo, which most likely is an already existing logo in their style guide, and slowly but surely work up to a full rebrand for next season. The Coyotes Panthers and Leafs are also going to switch to rainbow colours too, based on their profile pictures, so be prepared for that also.
  10. Keep in mind that the XFL already started talks about some sort of partnership/collaboration with the CFL. The CFL is the premier non-NFL football (professional) league and the XFL 2.0 seemed to at least be doing some things right until the pandemic and then another group with some big names swooped in to buy it. I think whatever comes out of the CFL-XFL thing, even if it's nothing, would have ramifications on non-NFL professional football in the States.
  11. Yeah, the Stars are just getting around to the trend of posting an old logo on Twitter and asking people what players it reminds them of. It's nothing more than that.
  12. Lighting. FWIW TruColor lists the Elks and Packers as having the same yellow (PMS 1235 C) while the Packers have a darker green (PMS 5535 C) than the Elks do (PMS 350 C)
  13. Yeah, it was almost like they accidentally ordered the stickers for the small plastic helmets in the team store instead of the regular sized ones, but still used them anyways. It was also placed really low on the helmet too, so it was partially covered up by the straps on some helmets and part of the logo is cut off where the indentation for the facemask is. Compare it to the Packers and the similarly shaped old Jets decals.
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