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  1. They're looking for name submissions from the public. At least give someone a shirt or something if their name is the one that gets picked.
  2. The Brooks Bandits of the WCBL unveiled new logos. I just love the maple leaves in the logos, because this is an all Canadian league where the C in WCBL stands for Canada... They also kept the weird script tail that comes out of the the bottom of the S and not the end of it. Old logos in spoiler
  3. Apparently according to some local news in Edmonton, there's going to be news tomorrow on the new name (with tomorrow being the date of when the Grey Cup should have been and the EFT's Joey Moss memorial online 50/50). If this report is true, I don't think it's a reveal of the name because there hasn't been any announcements or anything, so it might just be further detail or something.