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  1. I don't know, maybe eliminating some of these teams will improve the working conditions of MiLB, especially will all the concerns raised about minor league wages? Trim some of the fat and maybe have some more money for the other teams, but that assumes that the MLB owners will want to spend the money. I know it'll be terrible for the towns and some players, but I think MiLB might need something like this with the issues surrounding wages. Do we really need to have all of Rookie Advanced, A Short Season, A and A Advanced?
  2. Back for the 20th anniversary they used his theme as the goal song.
  3. So the pink Ducks jersey was for the 15th anniversary and then they wore it as an alternate for a couple seasons after. Then for their 20th, they brought back the actual throwbacks and added the original starburst logo on one shoulder with the anniversary logo on the other. Then after that season they switched out the anniversary logo for another starburst logo and wore it as an alternate up until last season. They are playing an outdoor game in Regina against the Pats the day after the Flames and Jets play. This will be the second time the Hitmen have played outdoors (the other time was also against Regina) and wore these jerseys last time, so I am expecting some pink and grey again if there are going to be jerseys for the game. They also kept these around as an alternate for a few seasons too. (This was also during a time period where one of the helmet decals was flipped for some reason) I think the current colours have been around for so long at this point. As a fan of both of these teams, I think a fairly good comparison is the Ducks. They both started with branding deeply tied into their ownership with unconventional colours. They both changed to their current branding after new ownership took over and have seen championships in current branding with their first championships coming in the first year of the current branding (the Hitmen have since won another). Not that I think there's as much clamor for the pink Hitmen as there is for the Mighty Ducks, but the current branding has been around for so long now that I think both ownership groups are fine with keeping the old branding around for anniversaries, special occasions and double dipping on the merch.
  4. The Hitmen are having Bret Hart Night on November 2 in conjuction with Prostate Cancer awareness.
  5. I was at home over the weekend for Thanksgiving and my dad was telling me he and others keep seeing the anniversary patch as the sleeve numbers during games, so the Hitmen players look like they're all #25.
  6. The Stamps decided to wear their alternates last night and I think I heard it's the first time they've ever worn black alts outside of the Labour Day game and the home playoff game. They didn't switch to the chrome decal though.
  7. The Battlefords North Stars unveiled their third jerseys and they're not good. The intention is to be some sort of an amalgamation of team history but the jersey sucks. It's like the EDGE Thrashers alternate had a baby with the original EDGE Blues. They used to be called the Barons from 73-83 which is where the colours come from and then it has the N-star North Stars logo which the team also used to wear. Also their social media sucks, even by jr. A standards, hence why I have to use a portrait video from Facebook (just make the video go full screen). There's no good full body pictures of the uniform anywhere yet, even from the two local media organizations.
  8. When the Ducks did their warmup throwbacks last year, they were Adidas. Or at least had the Adidas logo slapped on.
  9. Living in Edmonton for school, I still see the copper jerseys around and I will have to say I do have a bit of a soft spot for them. But the original EDGE jerseys were an affront to everything good and just in the world.
  10. It depends if they want to wait that long. Construction on the arena is supposed to start in 2021 and then it's expected to take three years to complete, so a move to the new arena won't happen until the mid-2020's. It might end up being an LA Rams situation (if the Flames are even going to make the switch full-time anyways).
  11. If it's going to happen, I think the full time switch to the retro for the Flames could happen next season because the signs seem to be pointing that way. The Iginla retired number banner from last season is retro, the 40th anniversary logo is all retro and the whites are back this year for the Heritage Classic. Wear the whites a couple more times after the outdoor game and who knows what could happen.
  12. "Well, we got the most votes for [insert locally relevant team name] but the guys from Brandiose heard the ramblings of the town drunk calling an animal by a name nobody else has ever used once and we know it'll sell hats online so...."