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  1. The Turdburger's coming back baybee!
  2. Anecdotally speaking, from living in Edmonton for school over the past three years and from the couple Oilers games I've been to while in Edmonton, I don't know if I can safely say if there appears to be a definite preference for the jersey eras, at least from a visual standpoint seeing the fans. Every jersey era is represented in the stands, though the current and previous (EDGE royal and orange) sets having the most, but that is the current set and the set that was only retired in 2017 so it makes sense that those are the most prominent. The least prominent though is the original EDGE, which also makes sense... I also think there is significance to why fans would have each of the jerseys. Gretzky Era - Heyday and Gretzky Navy and Copper Era - 06 run and wearing that set for 10 years OG EDGE Era - That Reebok company is giving everybody new jerseys, so you got to have the new jerseys if that's what the team is wearing EDGE Royal and Orange Era - A return to the heyday and Gretzky, plus got to get the jerseys for the new #1 draft pick(s)/McDavid rookie jersey Current Set - A new era with McDavid and a new arena
  3. See a lot of my posts in this thread as to why Thunderbirds wasn't in -ing stronger competition.
  4. Just spitballing here, but I think it would have been a neat touch if they had shaped the bottom of the W like the Washington Monument point.
  5. I feel like not enough people are talking about this right now anywhere, this potential "fourth jersey-modified throwbacks" program thing. I remember Michael Russo of the Athletic referencing plans for this program in an article a while back (I swear I posted about it here when I saw it) and this is Icethetics' blurb on it from their JerseyWatch 2020 post where they say they have sources confirming the program. I'll go back to Reddit for the second time in two posts here, so again mileage may vary, but there was a comment about an eggplant version of the Wild Wing jersey in connection to this rumoured program. This could all just be baseless rumours (and COVID could have thrown a wrench into it if it is true) but it's still something I think is newsworthy.
  6. That was me. This is all from a Reddit comment I saw from someone who says they have an in with the Ducks organization, so you know mileage may vary, but IIRC, The Samueli's like the orange jerseys The players don't really like the orange jerseys (with no indication if this is due to the logo, the orange or anything, just that they don't like it for some reason) The players were the ones to choose going with the black jerseys in past playoff appearances when the orange jersey was an option However, the players were big fans of the 25th anniversary jerseys To be fair to the Ducks, all third jerseys were quietly removed with the switch to Adidas and I don't remember much fanfare surrounding any of the teams who just decided to bring back the alternates that they had been wearing immediately prior to the Adidas switch.
  7. I actually like the home pants, with the pattern contained to a stripe, but that's about it for the uniforms.
  8. Yeahhhhhhhh, Edmonton isn't the city for a team named the Mountaineers. It's a totally out of place name.
  9. I think other GM’s will be more willing to just bite the bullet and let Seattle just draft a player, instead of trying to trade a player in exchange for Seattle to take a specific player like they did with Vegas.
  10. Some weird stuff going on in the desert with internet darling Chayka (I'm not misremembering that, he was one right?) The relationship between the Coyotes and Chayka fell apart, getting to the point where the Coyotes indicated Chayka was only "expected" to be part of the Edmonton bubble travel list. The rift apparently came about because of a (non-hockey) job opportunity he was going to take. And then this today Yes, that is former Devil/Leaf/Blackhawk/Perd/Penguin/Coyote Steve Sullivan.
  11. In the comments on the site below the logo, Disqus user 80CJ said this (way back on Saturday, August 10, 2013 at 8:13 p.m.), Now I don't know 80CJ, but I'm willing to take their word for it because it seems plausible.
  12. I know this is trending a bit backwards, but just looking now at the (Washington Football Team) Sportslogos page, what was the deal with that one year change in 1982 when they flipped the logo and curled the feathers along the circle? EDIT: I see the team name change thing did work. I was honestly kind of worried I was missing the joke, like that screenshot of that forum conversation (I think it was 4chan, but don't quote me on that) where somebody said that the forum automatically replaces credit card numbers with X's and then another guy just straight up posted his credit card info. EDIT #2: It was a 4chan screenshot, but it was Social Security numbers, not credit card (self-edit by me to remove the number in the picture, just to play it safe)
  13. Here's the true test... seeing it against all the other logos on the mothership page.
  14. I don’t see the Golden Knights in these jerseys, but I still see the Ducks... I do like the choice of going with the light blue numbers and NOB on the homes instead of white.