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  1. KAT and Wiggins? LOL NO WAY. Did you see what Paul George netted?
  2. Better look at the partial logo.
  3. Found this partial logo is being used on chrome browser.
  4. Maybe it's an arrow northward? All I can think of.
  5. I clearly said the new wolf would be rendered differently than the current secondary. The image I posted was from someone who saw the new logo and attempted to recreate it using the current secondary as it was 'close' to the new wolf. Sorry I even posted.
  6. I said that the wolf was rendered differently than the current secondary in my post. The secondary was used as a base to get the idea. I live in Minnesota, have been around ccslc since '05 and wouldn't have posted that image without some sort confirmation that the logo was something close to that. Anyway, it will be interesting to see if any secondary/accompanying marks are introduced tonight as well.
  7. Surely it isn't huh? It was much closer than what Conrad posted.
  8. The mock ups are using the current secondary as it is close to the new logo. New logo will be revealed at halftime of tonight's game vs OKC.
  9. Floating around wolves boards is this. Wolf is rendered differently than the current secondary, features more blue, is facing the opposite way and has a green eye.
  10. I have attended the combine for this league and have a bit of knowledge about what's going on with it. I know they plan on having 6-8 teams to start and with the league being based out of Minneapolis there is a good chance a franchise will be located there. I know New York, Boston, Houston are also being considered. They have been trying to get former NFL players to crossover as their talent pool.
  11. My old high school... Woodbury (MN) Royals. I feel like this is clip art but I did a quick search and yielded nothing. Woodbury also has a second high school that opened in 2009: East Ridge (MN) Raptors
  12. I'll take a Minnesota Vikings dynasty and then a return to who they have been ANY DAY.
  13. Homer pick: The 1998 Minnesota Vikings. There is so much that happened during that previous offseason/season it would be a great 30 for 30.
  14. That Senators set is AMAZING. In fact, this whole series was original, well presented and one of the best I've seen on here. Nice work.