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  1. Well I hate to be that guy but there is a typo on your wordmark. As an LOTR fan though I'm loving this series!
  2. This is very clean and very well done. The "hidden I" is a nice touch. The only suggest is maybe to make the shading on the horns asymmetrical?
  3. That alt is very nice. One suggestion is to maybe fill the A's on the home and road jerseys, they get a little lost.
  4. Does anybody have tbdaniel's Adidas NBA template in vector (.svg or .ai work) format? The links in his thread are broken. Thanks!
  5. Does anyone know any free fonts similar to Saloonkeeper? Thanks for any help.
  6. Does anybody have a good .SVG baseball template? I've been looking for scotty's but can't find it anywhere. Thanks guys.
  7. The Leafs: Failing Since 1967

  8. Hate to bump this since it's been like 7 months since anyone posted in it but, I was just wondering if someone could add scotty's templates. I really like them but never could get ahold of them. Also, could we get this pinned? I have to search for it everytime I want a template.
  9. Does anyone have a good baseball action template in svg.? Also does anyone know where I can find vector files of logos?
  10. Sorry for my third post in about a week. EDIT: Just the "Houston" font.
  11. Anyone know where I can get Univers Condensed free?
  12. Sorry for another one already.
  13. Sorry for the single letter sample. Any help is appreciated.
  14. That's true but he did only play for the Jays for less than half a year.
  15. He'll always be remembered as a Red Wing. It just doesn't seem right.
  16. Does anybody have an IIHF template for paint?
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