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  1. Discrim's version of this back in 2009 was amazing. The Swallow unis still stick out in my head. As for your rendition, AWESOME. I love the new Pacific League logo. I'm not sold on the bend in the carp, but the scheme is great! Cannot wait to see more.
  2. Rather than continue to complain about someone posting, I think i'll just comment on the logos. The BlackTigers is a bad logo, simple as that. The color scheme is pretty lame, and the tiger looks, well, bad. That sad, the Warriors logo is one of my favorite logos I've seen in a while. As for for the Gladiators... Why is the statue of Liberty wearing sunglasses?
  3. I don't like the number font for Utah, it is the same as the Tacoma one, and it just doesn't fit. But overall I am enjoying this!
  4. It is a recolor (and add lines) of the USA Rugby logo. SIFL continues to be pathetic. They are far and away the #3 indoor league in America (AKA quite pathetic)
  5. Need not be worried, SportsQuest aims to bring a team in (thankfully without Allen Harvie involved) for the 2011-2012 season.
  6. Alright here's what I have to say... Tucson has failed because of the lack of an appropriate arena. The club college team there draws 5000 fans a game, certainly a well-run pro team could do that as well. Omaha has had numerous pro-teams recently that have failed (Omaha Ak-Sar-Ben Knights) and have a junior team already, the Omaha Lancers. My take is do Tucson, I want to see it!
  7. No worries man. I like Gila Monsters, Gilas, or Monsters. All three names play well, and the Gila Monster were the WCHL franchise there in the late 1990's. I am huge fan of Tucson's potential for hockey. The club college hockey team averages 5,000 fans a game...As soon as they get a real arena Tucson is ready for hockey again.
  8. Tarantulas Gila Monsters Sol Rattlers Desperados Needles could be an interesting take as well.
  9. Tucson! Also Salt Lake wouldn't work as the ECHL has a team in West Valley (SL Suburb)
  10. The UFL has been widely panned as a failure, and is known to have lost a fair amount of money. I do not suspect it will see a second season.
  11. The IFL has the potential to be a VERY successful indoor league. They've got an impressive plan, and I think it can be successful.
  12. I like it a lot. Good clean look! On a side-note, I went to High School and played Baseball with Jared Tew (#42), great guy.
  13. To make it more interesting it shows it was registered on the 8th...and I believe they announced on the 9th that it was added.
  14. I love the Bucks look! Great, great logo. The Rays I think need something different, but I cannot put my finger on it. The colors might be it...