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  1. The Utah bookstore is selling a white throwback. I expect it to be a white version of the "throwback" that Utah has used for every homecoming since 2015.
  2. Under Armour Celebrates Utah, Temple and Cal with Heritage Throwback Uniforms
  3. Utah (Old court) Home uniform in the photo shoot video was used as a throwback a few times last year. Not sure if it is now the main set.
  4. You can partially see Navy's historically inspired jersey in the middle of the second image.
  5. New color is called Flawless Red and is unique to Wisconsin.
  6. Maryland throwback gear Replica Jersey Hoodie Hat
  7. Utah Football Unveils Throwback Uniforms
  8. It seems like it's Stanford's primary logo now. It's used on GoStanford.com & Pac-12.com. They used it on the bowl game helmets and it is the midcourt logo at Maples Pavilion.
  9. The symbol was updated slightly in August 2014. New Old
  10. Looks like the uniforms that USF wore a couple years ago.