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  1. Twins are no longer wearing the red-billed TC hat on the road. Now wearing the classic TC hat that used to be worn at home with the cream throwbacks.
  2. I was just thinking I cannot believe next year will be the 20th anniversary of the Brewers move to the NL. 28 seasons as an AL team (1970-1997) and in 2026 will begin their 29th NL season. Still strange to me still since I was a Brewers fan when I was young when they were a good AL team. Milwaukee won't want to switch back since IMO the Cubs fans travel better to Milwaukee than White Sox fans did. Don't want to lose that revenue. Plus remember they got rid of the 16 team NL and 14 team AL since the players union complained about the NL Central having 6 teams while the AL West had only 4. Thus Houston moved to the AL West (new owner got a nice discount when buying the team) and with 15 and 15 having IL play throughout the season was born. Of course Milwaukee moved to the NL in the first place (after KC passed) so they could avoid having IL throughout the season.
  3. Yes there's a video which shows Molitor and Mauer in the new red hat and red jersey. Plus the Coolbase versions are up for sale on the Twins web site. Good news is not the same as the Dairy Queen jersey I own so I want to get one. Question is will the wife let me buy another jersey?
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