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  1. Speaking from a marketing perspective here- you've done a really nice job. As we know it's often the rationale and strategy that will truly sell the creative (no matter how well executed). The one lingering thing in my mind is how the "TIPS" will play out. Will that ever be consumer facing? It's great if it's just an internal rallying call, but you may want to clarify that. Maybe that's already a PSU tradition, but just my one thought. Nice job.
  2. I like the second version a bit more. I'd be interested to see how far you could push this jersey. Get really crazy or use some kind of abstract reference. Nice work though.
  3. Couple updates from Mocksession- Nevada San Jose State- Idaho-
  4. I'm with you. My Dad went to Iona, which shares the same team name, and he told me that besides being the root for the Gaelic language that it was a fraternal order of monks. The U logo looks like some sort of suit of armor/scholar thing, similar to Rutgers. Yeah still stumped on this. Did a little digging around on their wiki page and found this phrase: "It [sMC] is known for its liberal arts education, including its Great Books and Seminar programs, its business program, which in recent years has become the college's most popular program, as well as the nursing program, partnered with Samuel Merritt University, whose campus is in Oakland, and the school of education." Still curious, though.
  5. The St. Mary's one is lost on me. I know little about the school or it's traditions besides the name Gaels. Can anyone clarify? Thanks.
  6. Post them as they come. These are great.
  7. Your response puzzles me. Why did you list this list? It's a list of 20 of the most common team names across college athletics. It bolsters the point that there already is some uniformity across modern American sports.
  8. I find it humorous that their hats simply say "Bs"
  9. Declining American youth literacy levels. I finds out why. But just to be super cereal for a minute. Vexillology (the study of flags) relies very heavily upon semiotics, symbology, the study of heraldry and historical visual meaning and metaphors. Now I'm not your teacher and I didn't set you this assignment, but I would expect (especially within the context of an English assignment) that he/she would expect you to be able to verbally justify the design choices you have made. In essence, flags heave meaning, so what does yours mean. This might be of use. I think someone on the board posted these recently. They are Japanese Municipality flags. All very modern and with quite well explained symbols within them. To me they all seem quite sci-fi and utopian in feel. Well it was a group project and I also had to write a national anthem I think everyone would agree with me, that it's now necessary you post the national anthem. We really couldn't a get complete understanding of your vision without it. Please post, thanks.
  10. Oh ok, gotcha. Makes total sense. Thank you for clearing everything up.
  11. Ok I see what you're saying now. I'm not one to look at many basketball concepts so it never really clicked, but that makes total sense. I have a feeling that the more of these you do, the more the distinct elements will work there way as you figure what works and what doesn't. I'm looking forward to seeing more.
  12. As I 'm looking at this, I'm wondering if there isn't anything that can be done to make these more distinctive. It seems to me like the concepts so far are simplified football jersey's. One of the things I like most about this idea is that there is no 'tradition' (as was said earlier). Can flag football have it's own design elements where you know right away that it's a flag football uniform when you see it? I'm not saying sacrifice aesthetic quality for unique-ness, I'd just like to see something to set these apart.
  13. I saw what's below and thought of this thread immediately. I give you the Builders of the Newport News Apprentice School. A four year vocational school who's athletic teams play in the USCAA.
  14. This is exactly how a ProCombat concept should be executed. Every feature you have on their jerseys has a purpose rooted in history, just like how Nike does it. I'm not one to give you much C and C on the actually jersey design, but I want to commend you for taking the time to think out the concept. I have a hard time getting behind any of the 'ProCombat' designs that don't incorporate the story of the teams playing. Nice work.