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  1. Better quality of the primary Northeastern logo:
  2. Oral Roberts University in Tulsa unveiled it's new brand and primary logo back around Halloween it looks like. Couldn't find it being covered on here so thought i'd share. For an overused nickname like "Golden Eagles" I think they did a great job.
  3. *REPOST* Just saw somebody beat me to it.....
  4. UALR or Arkansas - Little Rock is rebranding as the Little Rock Trojans: New updated primary:
  5. Love the tweaks in the primary mark. OLD: NEW:
  6. Nice subtle update IMO
  7. I think it's awesome! I wish more schools would embrace their mascot in their logos. Especially when it's a unique one like Governors. It really helps give the school a memorable identity instead of just a Letter.
  8. No idea when it happened but Iona replaced the yellow leprechaun logo for this:
  9. After the game the players will donate the uniforms to members of the military who are in attendance. Here's an article:
  10. It was apart of the skit for the 2008 mascot championships (or whatever they call it.)
  11. I'm going to say looked bad, played bad. If Oregon had white numbers (like they're supposed to) it would've been reasonable. but with the silver numbers it is a mess. I was hoping the Ducks would go yellow-green-yellow with the throwbacks. Can't be beat. Rough bowl run for the Pac-10... Ya I'm not a fan of the silver. White or yellow would look much better. I was hoping for throwbacks as well. I also would have liked our green helmets.
  12. It looks a lot like Syndrome from The Incredibles. LOL! that's exactly what i was gonna say..
  13. It's ok it just doesn't look like an athletics logo, and it already looks outdated.
  14. Completely disagree, it saves untold injuries at smaller schools where multiple sports are played on one field and by the end of the year, the field is a danger to the athletes. I'll agree, a larger school that takes careful care of the main field every single day its not needed, but Field Turf is great for high schools and smaller colleges that can't afford to have full time groundskeepers or a football stadium, men's soccer, and women's soccer fields. very true