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  1. Hardly. This is a place to discuss uniforms, logos and brands. Team names are what they are
  2. Who cares what the name is. The bottom line is the logo and uniforms look amazing and on this board that's all that should matter.
  3. Adding the Space Needle in there is awesome. Love it
  4. Definitely an upgrade over the volt set. Love seeing teams going back to the less is more look
  5. Not gonna lie. The Bone has grown on me a bit. Actually prefer it to the blue jersey
  6. Horrible. The random patch on the shoulder serves no purpose
  7. Herbert looks the part. Kid looks like a so Cal native
  8. Not even a chargers fan and I want a jersey or 2..
  9. I love all of these, but the mono white set takes the cake
  10. I am loving that Navy uni and I know I shouldn't