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  1. Need to see the full uni with side view but looks like the right side has red accents while left side uses blue.
  2. That standing gator looks very similar to the old Raptors logo
  3. Now let's see Kings rock the Chevy throwback vs the Whalers
  4. So this year we have Kings, Blues, Canucks, Coyotes and Flames all wearing 90s alternates. Love the nostalgia
  5. Both heritage unis are perfect. Now that both teams have a white and dark version, these should become their new primary look
  6. Just realized if you chop the sides off the retro Kings logo it leaves you with the home plate shape they use now... Also, read they will wear this against the Canucks. Maybe we get lucky and the Canucks wear their black skate uni same game. Would be incredible
  7. Now I can't see anything but the piano keys. Thanks guys...
  8. Bummed to see the Clippers aren't sticking with their Olympic themed city uniforms. Being a local I personally loved those
  9. Woah. That Dallas city Court is horrible. And the Clippers.. Wtf are they doing? The city version is bad enough but to make the primary court black and white makes no sense when your main colors are red and blue
  10. Why are the bolts in DC touching on top but not bottom? I see the hidden "DC" in the bolts but even if they touched at bottom it would still read as DC
  11. That Vipers V is really well done. simple but effective