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  1. Canucks will wear their's tonight for the first time
  2. Habs have one of the top 3-5 uniforms in all of sports. The blue RR is just icing on the cake. Such a good looking brand
  3. In no particular order- * Cardinals * Broncos * Saints (logo is perfect but uniforms have grown old. Time to go with the color rush throwbacks full time) * Dolphins (go full time throwback) * Titans
  4. As someone who doesn't follow soccer I love this logo. Great work
  5. Earned uni's have leaked on twitter. Really like the Bucks, Magic and Nets
  6. Mashup of three different jerseys, not sure about this one.
  7. Just read the Avs are switching to blue helmets and pants at home. Curious to see what this will look like
  8. Found that on the canucks team store as they are accepting pre-orders
  9. Surprised how much I like the darker blue mixed with Green. As a Canucks fan I am going to have to pick this one up
  10. Wish the Islanders would give us the fisherman. Seems every other wild logo from the 90s is coming back. Blown opportunity
  11. Goathead is back for Buffalo. Have to assume it will be the red crossed swords jersey in current colors
  12. Man this is awesome. Cant wait to see all of these in full. What a cool idea