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  1. You're right, it's the LSU template. Forgot about that. Didn't realize it was available.
  2. Is that an old Nike template? I thought it was a custom, unless I'm forgetting a template. It does look like it has elements of Oklahoma, Ohio State most recent unis.
  3. Not True. NCAA 12 uses last season's ESPN scorebug Also the Big Ten Network introduced a new graphics package. Not really a fan. The quarter and time are way too small.
  4. Both the Reds and White Sox are wearing retro uniforms from 1964. I think it's to honor Frank Robinson, who is throwing out the first pitch. The first 20,000 fans received a mesh replica of Frank Robinson's 1964 Reds' jersey. both teams are wearing 1964 throwbacks to honor the civil rights act that was signed in 1964
  5. Dayton is also a SOD school now. it seems as pretty much anybody with nike is getting these. here are the flyers SOD jerseys
  6. well i posted two pictures from the free press but i didn't realize that they had already been posted ... nevermind
  7. Heres how the black billed cap looks with the road uniform
  8. Saw a picture in the paper today of the baseline of the court in the Georgia Dome that will be used for this weekends Final Four. For a while now the final four logo has been in the Corner with Final stacked on top of Four: Like this from 2002 Now they have stretched Final Four across the baseline: Also it seems as if we have another two-toned court. I like it better the old way.
  9. Florida's Basketball team seems to have busted out some new jerseys for their game at Tennessee tonight. Check out ESPN right now. They are all blue, with two orange bronco stripes on the shorts and two orange stripes on the back of the shoulders. Had anybody heard about this?
  10. Found these on Eastbay today (there were no USC or florida hats oddly enough)... I know all of these things are pre-made just incase and arent availible to ship after the teams have been set but it does seem alittle early to start putting these out. AND even if they do feel the need to do it where is the USC or florida hat?
  11. Fox is obviously trying to mimic the ESPN College Gameday atmosphere but I just don't think it works at NFL games. I agree though, I thought the FOX Pre Game was weak. They all just seem to goof around for an hour instead presenting information. Jimmy Johnson is ridiculous and Terry Bradshaw thinks he's a stand-up comic. I like Joe Buck but not as a host. He's much better just doing the play-by-play. And I'm glad they decided to get rid of the dots on the scoreboard. That might have been the worst decision in TV history. Whoever signed off on that idea should be fired (if they weren't already). I dig the new CBS package. Yeah, the FOX pre-game was a wicked rip-off of ESPN's College GameDay (Built by the Home Depot, of course lol). It works for ESPN and college football in general because the energy at college games is different than that of an NFL game, IMO. I like the CBS scoreboard graphics - clean, simple, and not a floating scoreblob like on ESPN MNF... I now like CBS's pre-game too. So far, CBS gets a thumbs up early in the season. GOOD JOB CBS! I think they're doing on location outside because they want Joe Buck to be the host and still be able to announce games. So since he was doing the cowboys-jaguars game they had to have the pre-game in jacksonville. I'll use joe bucks own words to describe FOX's pregame, "that is a disgusting act, and its unfortunate that we had that on our air live"
  12. In some cases those are true!
  13. I like pinstripes so.... love these. i would just move the number to the other side. loved these bulls jerseys pinstripes again
  14. check out the oklahoma logo they have for taj gray. He's #10 in the power forward rankings. I've never seen that logo before
  15. Any chance i could get a Cincy Bengals, Dayton Flyers, Michigan Wolverines, and Detroit Tigers If you are unfamilier with Dayton here are their logos, I'd like the UD logo if possible
  16. i think you mis-understood him. He meant the players have to go. But no names would like nice, although the nba is all about player recognition and i doubt they would ever allow that.
  17. The Cincinnati Post reported today that in 2007 the reds will be dropping the black in their uniform and logos. its about time they did this
  18. Willie Anderson is wearing the Bengals old jersey pants today against the Texans. I dont have any photos but its very clear that they are the old pants.