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  1. I think Jack Tatum should be more than just #10. The guy killed someone (he might as well have). And that one dude who played for Texas A&M who killed a guy; he should be there too.
  2. I meant you could try to turn cbQ in to one letter thing like the Expos did with eMb.
  3. cbQ <--- Try to "Expos" that.
  4. It's a dark brown is all. Thanks anyway people.
  5. It's absolutely terrible.
  6. The Bowling Green University's jersey's make me think of a futuristic version of the Cleveland Browns.
  7. what is it? (Sorry I'm new to college football)
  8. <--- read the "franchise history" paragraph
  9. I'd like any Seahawks super bowl ring
  10. Los Angeles Feuders Los Angeles Pacs
  11. ...Makes me think of the Buccs.
  12. Yeah you got it... I should've said Original
  13. What was the Cleveland Browns' very first name?
  14. The Seahawks should sign him then they go on and win the Super Bowl and everyone around me would just stfu.
  15. LOL I donno there are too many members of the Evil empire to count... Post some more pics people.