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  1. Why don't they just take a few mill from some Yankee players and build something. They're not doing all that hot anyway.
  2. I like it... But don't they have something like this already?
  3. 1. Raptors .... 30. Pistons You can guess what my favorite team is.
  4. Post pics of crazy fans... (I bet the majority will be those Raiders fans IE the evil empire) He looks like a nice guy.
  5. 1. Seahawks 2. Browns (Suckersssss..... ) 3. Ravens 4. Jaguars 5. Colts 6. Bears HM: Panthers, Chargers 30. Bills - No thanks 31. Raiders - When's the last time it changed? 32. Rams - Because I'm a Seahawks fan
  6. If they're fonts, all you do is just use the Text tool... Maybe I'm wrong.
  7. How about those women with the extra male hormones... You know, the beards and everything.
  8. Can't say I'm a fan... But good work though.
  9. 1984 Seahawks... Tragic but good.
  10. ...I didn't use black...
  11. Does this help? Europe ...That's not what I meant. I know where Europe is, both my parents are Romanian.