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  1. I don't get it... It was like 1955 and my 3.2 mp camera can't take pictures that clear...
  2. Anything that glorifies any New Orleans Saint getting lit up on the field of play is wonderful in my book it's even better that it's the Hammer doing work huh?
  3. I just posted it Oh okay.... 13 points for Romania, let's go!
  4. interesting and boring....isnt that an oxymoron? No his choice of a concept is interesting... However, when I said boring, I meant I would've put some white in the arrow thing on the back.
  5. Here are some moer of my faves.... ****THE DONTE STALLWORTH SERIES**** That darn Ken Hamlin
  6. Don't call me stupid, but where's Europe?
  7. My dad (who is an immigrant and only knows Soccer) was watching football with us (he's starting to learn about it and stuff) and he asked me "what's a touchdown?" But you can't blame him... I mean, he's not from America.
  8. I hope it's okay if I post more then 1.
  9. Interesting.... A Little boring, but good.
  10. What is so funny? :\ You suck. ---- The grenade thing sounds cool... I might have to do that one time.
  11. [Mod Edit: The threads have now been merged, but there was no need to be a jerk about it in the first place.]
  12. What is so funny? :\ Did you just realize sports exists? Just because I don't know what the Lambeau leap is? ...Could you at least tell me what it is and maybe I could say if I knew about it (but didn't know the name)?
  13. it's because he's black, isn't it?? Yes that's exactly why. Largent's not black? No I believe he was sayign "Because he's black" because the guy said Largent was better... Or, Irvin is worse because he's black.
  14. All in Photoshop, real easy.
  15. ...Okay here's my own thread. Who is the player to be awarded Super Bowl MVP but on the losing team? I don't know, I want to know for reference, I guess.
  16. I wonder how much I'd have to pay to get that hat or the jersey...
  17. brennus


    He's a little too hardcore for me, I guess I'll listen to him.
  18. brennus


    Neither (see above). I don't care for the angry flower, despite his being correct.
  19. Is that not what they already have? :\
  20. Little too hightech for me.