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  1. Largent had less yards and receptions... But more touchdowns and yards per catch, which to me, makes you better. Doesn't matter about the 3 Super Bowls or whatever... Irvin wasn't the only great person on the team, where as Largent was.
  2. Why do I always seem to like losing teams? What is it with me? The Suns, the Raptors, the Seahawks, the Reds... I seriously think I have a disease.
  3. mod edit: deleted. Please don't hijack a trivia question thread with another trivia question
  4. mod edit: Deleted. Would you please attempt to think before you post?
  6. Dude how old are you? Like 12?
  7. Looks better with gold, IMHO.
  8. How did you make the counter? Are you putting in the numbers yourself or are you getting the info from a website?
  9. Snowbirds? What is the mascot, an old woman? (BTW Most old people live in Sun City)
  10. edge1 thanks I will use those logos for other works...
  11. Yes, the Expos did leave Montreal..... and yes, the Jets did leave Winnipeg ..... and the Yes the Nordiques did leave Quebec City ah, jump to conclusions. I was referring to the Expos having a fan. You're messed up man.
  12. I jsut made up a team name.... I don't care that the ALT is black, it looked cool so shut up.
  13. They shouldn't celebrate being 0-16 their first season... Nor beating the Raiders, because, who CAN'T do that?
  14. ...Will they ever come back? I liked 'em a little bit.
  15. I think I seriously do... How the heck do I remember seeing XFL stuff on SportsCenter when I was like, 8? HOW?!
  16. Yeah, doesn't that look like an old Browns uniform?
  17. Hey BaltimoreFan is it possible for me to make a yard counter for Shaun Alexander? How did you make this counter thing?
  18. The white jersey kinda reminds me of the Browns...
  19. I am pretty young (14) and I don't remember anything from the 90s because I was, well, under 10 so what exactly was the XFL?
  20. It doesn't matter if you're Greg Martin ( no one can work with 2 pixels.
  21. I dont know but it sounds stupid. Assuming that the league won't end in the near future, the NFL doesn't want teams handcuffed because of retired numbers. I think a ring of honor like the Cowboys use is sufficient. The worst reason to retire a number has been retiring #12 in honor of the fans. Hell, all fans would deserve that from their team. This always seemed like pandering for PR purposes alone. The Seahawks also have a Ring of Honor... Anyway, I think he deserves it.
  22. Is Jeff Garcia seriously gay? Hmm... Never woulda guessed. I seriously thought Tim Rattay was, though.
  23. There were like, what, 500 catches in 2003? More? Gosh, I love Ken Hamlin and those Seahawks If anyone can find a .GIF or movie file of that hit, I don't know what I would do right now but I'll think of it later. Yaaarrrrr!