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  1. I've heard enough about tradition, personally.
  2. Dude, there are 3 colors: blue, gray, and white. What complexity is there?
  3. I was having an arguement with a friend yesterday, so I ask, who was better, Michael Irvin, or Steve Largent??
  4. I edited it a bit...
  5. That's a personal favorite of mine...
  6. Wow guys keep em coming I think I am gonna make a movie soon And where are you guys finding these??
  7. I didn't ask for the imageshack... I asked where the website that it was found on is...
  8. I think he had a whole DL stint from it. Pulled a muscle in his back sneezing. How is that even possible??
  9. Where's the guy from the Buffalo Bills who fell straight on his face... Is that the one you guys are talking about? Also, where did you get that GIF?
  10. You are a real jackass you know that?
  11. I'm gonna start the Peoria Safety Blankets...
  12. Donno why you are so surprised, that happens alot.
  13. Can anyone find a GIF of Ken Hamlin's hit on Donte Stallworth in Game 1 where he just destroyed him? Or a video file or something? I can't seem to find anything.... Thanks. also, some more big hits are at this site
  14. Looks like a future San Fransissy 49ers uniform.... Dude you are on of the biggest fags on here I know. That is the 3 colors of one of the oldest nations on earth, not the Rainbow flag you have on your porch.
  15. Sure why not. It beats the all-yellow they play with in the world cup... Well, the one in 98.
  16. Why do you not have the Seahawks on there?? o.O
  17. Here's if Romania had a team.... Let's go Romos.