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  1. Jsut a concept on a jersey. I know it may not be good, you don't have to shoot me. I'm trying... :\
  2. I don't know, a little TOO simple for me.
  3. I know I suck, but I'm trying :\ I'll try to make a new one... And I don't care what number Gannon is, I don't like the raiders.
  4. I would agree, but then again, my opinions are never very popular.
  5. ...The current Raiders jersey's are awefully boring, so I thought I'd try to add a bit of AFL to their jerseys... My first try, don't kill me!
  6. Very nice (the 1st ones) I <3 em.
  7. All I've got is a Hasselbeck jersey, but I wish I had an Alexander or a Largent throwback (I can never seem to find anything Steve Largent, he's like the unsung hero of the NFL...)