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  1. On 7/7/2021 at 11:25 PM, Conrad. said:

    for anyone else, please direct any comments about the NBA's 75th anniversary logo to the 2021/22 thread. thanks!

    to stay on topic here for the 2020/21: i TOO hate that we won't see the Suns Icon and Association uniforms in the Finals. smdh.

    I don't usually comment on these type of things, but to me there should be one NBA discussion thread where we can talk about this season, future seasons, past seasons, whatever. I don't understand why two threads are needed. This applies to all league threads, it's just a pet peeve of mine. 


    Also, all major unveilings should have their own thread. 

  2. 50 minutes ago, EddieJ1984 said:

    I wish they just put TV numbers on the sleeves and told the players tough crap you have to keep the length of the sleeves.


    But outside of that, fantastic job

    I've never looked at a jersey and said, "Oh wow I really like those TV numbers". Removing the TV numbers is a much better option than going the route of some teams like the Panthers. 

  3. Great update, but the white pants with the orange stripes are terrible. Like others have said, just match the striping on the black pants. 


    I have a feeling we won't be seeing the orange stripes version often though, likely just with the orange uniform, but even then we'll probably see the orange and black at least once.

  4. 3 minutes ago, LordBigMad said:

    Is there a roundup of actual upcoming 2021 NFL uniform changes?


    Not all of us obsess over and show up on this website every single day to follow where these threads go.


    It's also impossible to sift through all of the off-topic banter and infighting to find actual to the point discussion/information about the topic at hand.

    The Uni-watch website usually has a post before the NFL season detailing all the changes. 

  5. 3 hours ago, phutmasterflex said:

    Yes but that wasn't what the OP was saying. The line for out of bounds and they key are the same color. That is a poor design 

    Ahhh, I see. Didn't think about that before but he's right. That's bound (no pun intended) to be an issue sooner or later. 

    3 hours ago, dont care said:

    Cant say that when there is no gold around the NBA logo at mid court.

    I stand corrected once again! 

  6. 12 hours ago, pelicanfan said:

    i know no one would care but i noticed the actual out of bounds line and the key are the same color so that means the players get an extra inch of space in the key. so a one inch advantage that probably could have saved a lot of turnovers in the past lol


    Any part that is painted gold is out of bounds. 

  7. 1 hour ago, CaliforniaGlowin said:

    Proofread your work, people! 😄🤦‍♂️


    Hate to ruin the joke, but he replied to one of his twitter comments that he purchased this from DHgate, a Chinese website that sells counterfeit jerseys among other things. So, you really do get what you pay for. 

  8. I think the blue pants on the Avs away uniforms definitely balance out the colours much better, but what were they thinking keeping the black numbers!? The goal was to remove the black everywhere else but you leave the numbers black? I’m guessing they’ll be changing them maybe next year? Feels like they made a lot of little mistakes with these new uniforms. Mismatching blue helmets, too much blue on home uniforms, keeping black on road jerseys. Honestly they probably should have just kept the black pants and helmet. 

  9. On 1/15/2021 at 4:17 PM, Delicate Genius said:



    Yay or nay?

    This is what they should have done for the Home uniform. The Burgundy helmet and gloves really even out the look. Right now there is just way too much blue.


    As for the Away uniform, the previous set's problem was there was never enough blue, but I think the their new uniform set will solve this problem with the blue pants. I'm looking forward to see that debut. 

  10. On 12/12/2020 at 7:31 PM, DNAsports said:

    Ranking the Rams combos from Best to Worst-




    Off the top of my head, I don’t think we’ve seen bone over blue and/or bone over yellow IRL application, have we?


    I've never noticed the numbers in the padding of the pants before. It also looks like it was just for this game? Does anyone have any idea any info on this? 

  11. Great Chiefs Raiders uniform matchup tonight. Love the classic Chiefs uniforms, but have always hated their blank front helmet bumper. And it’s HUGE on Mahomes’ helmet.


    To demonstrate:


  12. 42 minutes ago, Rockstar Matt said:

    They did actually. A Cowboys staff member confirmed it today. They went back to the shade of pants they last used in 2012. 

    Where did you see this? 

  13. 4 hours ago, Conrad. said:

    Looks like the only logo change from the draft hats is the Raps changing their Global Logo:




    An improvement, imo. If they're not going to embrace purple somehow, at least the red ball looks better than the current gray one.

    Not surprised by this subtle change. They use the standalone red ball iteration everywhere, usually on a black background but sometimes on white like my avatar. Their current Twitter avatar is the red on black as well. It was always odd that gray was used for the main logo when it is used so sparingly on the jerseys. I bet it will be gone completely on the revised jerseys as well. 

  14. I don't think it's an improvement. The update to the mouth almost makes it look like he's grinning, and one side is larger than the other. 


    Also, my eyes still are drawn to the "W" shading before anything else. I feel like it takes away from the logo. Seems like you're going a little backwards with each update. Of all the versions the original is still the best, but missing the burgundy and gold. I still think a shaded version similar to the grizzlies would look good, but if you prefer not to do that I think you may want to go back to the original with revised colours. 

  15. I get what you're doing with making the shading look like a W, but I feel it looks forced and not realistic. For a head-on shading, you could try doing what the Grizzlies do. I think this would make it look better. 


  16. 12 hours ago, uniguy22 said:


    Bottom line though, they sell so much merchandise with both the current set and throwback that I still believe not going back to purple isn't leaving any money on the table. Having said that, I wouldn't mind seeing purple used just as an accent colour, but never touching red. The purple and red just clash when they touch.  


    If they are going the chevron route, I wouldn't mind incorporating purple back into the scheme sort of like this quick mock-up I did in Paint. Makes them a little more unique than all the other red and black teams. Drop the silver from their colour scheme and replace it with purple. 




  17. 7 hours ago, WSU151 said:


    Any examples of this purple incorporated with the new logo?


    Seems like adding purple might entice people with dinosaur throwbacks to get a modern era uni. 

    I've feel like I've seen more items like this (https://47brand.ca/products/toronto-raptors-flash-forward-47-captain-black-and-purple) but thinking about it more I may just be thinking of "new" throwback items like this (https://www.sportchek.ca/categories/fan-shop/nba/toronto-raptors/product/toronto-raptors-mitchell-and-ness-mens-gold-dribble-hoodie-bla-333004922.html#333004922=333004922_01). 


    Bottom line though, they sell so much merchandise with both the current set and throwback that I still believe not going back to purple isn't leaving any money on the table. Having said that, I wouldn't mind seeing purple used just as an accent colour, but never touching red. The purple and red just clash when they touch.


    This does not look good. 





  18. 34 minutes ago, Lights Out said:

    The current uniforms have always been awful, but I don't get why they refuse to bring back purple. At this point, it's becoming the NBA equivalent of when the Padres kept ignoring the demand for brown. They're just turning down free money.

    They sell lots or purple merchandise, whether it be throwbacks or purple incorporated with the new logo. So I'm not sure they're turning down free money, seem like they have the best of both worlds right now. 

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