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  1. Did a quick Paint mock-up of what powder blue pants could look like, with powder blue socks and yellow socks. I think I prefer the yellow sock option best. I still prefer the white pants though.
  2. This is 100% correct, and it's just common sense. Calling the NFL lazy for having a branding strategy you don't agree with is, well, lazy.
  3. I don't think the helmet logo needs an update, but you're absolutely right about that blank white helmet bumper. It sticks out like a sore thumb.
  4. It looks like you used the old smokey blue (or whatever it was called) on the paw logo instead of the other blue. I thought they were phasing out the lighter blue?
  5. I wonder why their website is basically black, white and yellow? You would think they would want to show off new(ish) logo.
  6. Great find, I wonder how long this has been up?
  7. I think the point is when it's in a small size like that the text is indecipherable. I can't read Milwaukee in that small logo, and I can barely read Brewers, and this is coming from someone who already knows what the logo is. If someone who has never seen it before saw it that small, they may not be able to even see the word Brewers unless they had a magnifying glass.
  8. Can Arizona just go back to these full time? They just look so good, and they won the WS in them. When I think of the D-backs I think of these jerseys.
  9. Good read on the Jays hated 2004-2011 logo/jerseys, with a shout-out to this site and these boards! http://www.sportsnet.ca/baseball/mlb/big-read-origins-blue-jays-hated-jersey/
  10. I think it looks great, but will look even better embroidered, or in graphics like the one used in the video reveal. Really pops.
  11. That logo is terrible. Way too much going on, I have to look hard to realize what it is.
  12. This is a good point. These will probably look really good in the sunlight and watching from a distance.
  13. If it were up to me, they would just go back to the old uniforms with 4 changes; 1) Remove the horn wrapping around the sleeve (sleeves are too small these days), 2) Remove the coloured collars to give a cleaner look, modern look 3) Make the helmet a metallic Royal blue to match the jerseys (similar to the Giants finish) 4) Add some white pants to wear on occasion.
  14. Wow I bet that gets you a lot of dates. You guys are nerdy boy scouts/tight asses, I got this for 30 bucks, the authentic Mitchell and Ness is 300, I can tell you first hand this fake is a rockin jersey. You mean Dreamcast, and by 2K2 PS2 and Xbox were making the 2K games for their systems too. Wow I want that Raptors jersey. Where did you get it?
  15. I need hockey pants and socks template for paint please.
  16. Does anyone have NHL pants and socks templates for paint?
  17. I decided to put together a bunch of Raster templates that are spread out over this thread and not in the Templates section. Hopefully they can be put in. I don't know who some of these templates were made by,so if you made them just tell me and I'll put your name in the links. Basketball Court Template Roger Clemente's Basketball Jersey Temlpate Roger Clemente's Soccer Jersey Template Soccer Jersey Template Soccer Jersey Template (V-Neck) Baseball Jersey Template Roger Clemente's NHL EDGE Jersey Template
  18. Does anyone have this template? link
  19. Where can I find your template and numbers?
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